Winnick admitted that wearing amulets

Singer, judge, vocal show «X-factor» Oleg Vinnik admitted that wearing an amulet and believe in fate. He told about it in interview to the printed edition of «Enjoy!», the press service of the singer.

«Any event in life you can say that it was fate. In fate I believe destiny is what is written by God. On the other hand, each person builds his destiny, takes certain decisions and taking certain actions. My philosophy is that if you make good, then all you have in life will be well. But if a person is fixated on something negative, then it has failed,» said the contractor.

According to winnick, he has charms: a cross and inscribed ring.

«I got the prize at a music festival in Germany and gave me a personalized ring engraved. I was losing him, then I return it… can’t say that it’s the mascot, but good luck it brings me. I wear it with pleasure, because it symbolizes the love and recognition of spectators», – said the musician.

31 July 2017 winnick has been 44 years.

The singer is preparing the premiere of the video for pop-rock song «how to live without you.»

Winnick admitted that wearing amulets 23.11.2017

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