Wild swans in Bukovina are killed because of bird flu

In accordance with the operational information of the Main Department of Gospodarevskaya in Chernivtsi region on the pond in the village Chortoryia Kitsmansky district, Chernivtsi region in recent days has killed more than two dozen mute swans. The reason for this was the bird flu. This was reported by the State service of Ukraine on issues of food safety and consumer protection.

«In the study of samples of biological material in the State research Institute for laboratory diagnostics and veterinary-sanitary expertise (Kiev) diagnosis — flu birds», — is spoken in the message.

For the purpose of coordination of actions on localization and liquidation of outbreaks of bird flu on 3 January was held the meeting of the State extraordinary antiepizootic Commission at Kitsman district state administration, which approved the plan to eradicate the disease, defines the borders of epidemic hearth, zones of protection and surveillance.

The center of disease measures on localization and prevention of spread of avian influenza (quarantine restrictions, zoning, a clinical examination of poultry and laboratory studies of biological material from poultry in protection zones and surveillance).

As reported already registered 23 cases of bird mortality on Czartoryska the lake.

In November, in Ukraine, recorded the first eight years of the case of bird flu.

Wild swans in Bukovina are killed because of bird flu 04.01.2017

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