WikiLeaks published a report of the EU to combat the influx of migrants

International non-profit organization WikiLeaks released a document that probably is the secret report of the European Union first six months of the military operation «Sofia» to combat the flow of migrants in the Mediterranean sea and Libya. The corresponding report is published on the WikiLeaks website.

Report dated 29 January 2016 and signed by the commander of the operation — Italian rear Admiral Enrico Credendino. It provides data on the number of refugees and suggests a strategy for future operations.

In particular, we are talking about the end of phase 2A (operation in international waters) and the transition to phase 2B (operation in the Libyan territorial waters), due to the unstable situation in Libya.

Credendino called on the EU to establish «responsible government in Libya» the EU has received permission to operate in its territorial waters and conduct military operations on land.

In addition, the document says that at the moment in Libya is up to five thousand fighters of the Islamic state, which control several areas on the coast.

Recall that in 2015 the EU crisis due to the influx of refugees. Most migrants come from Syria, where since 2011’s civil war. Since then, more than 507 thousand Syrians have requested asylum in European countries.

According to UN forecasts, in 2016 migration wave to the EU could double, according to the European Union itself – three times.

WikiLeaks published a report of the EU to combat the influx of migrants 18.02.2016

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