WikiLeaks announced the hunt on the tax records trump

The portal WikiLeaks, famous for the revelations of sensitive data that is addressed to Internet users with the offer to find the tax reporting for the new US President Donald trump and send it to the site. A statement published on the organization’s page on Twitter, writes

«The adviser to trump , Kellyann Conway said that trump will not publish your tax return. Send it in, so we were able to do it for him», — stated in the message.

Conway on Sunday, January 22, in an interview to ABC said that Donald trump will not publish information about their taxes. In her words, «people don’t care» to this information because they already voted for it, reports TASS.

«The majority of Americans is more important than what will appear in their tax returns at that time, as President trump the head of the administration», — said the adviser, referring to campaign promises billionaire to ease the tax burden.

Note that the White house had to comment on this issue because the petition calling for Trump to publish a tax return has got the necessary minimum in 100 thousand votes. At the moment the number of those who signed the document is over 200 thousand people.

Trump has previously said he would not publish information about their taxes because they are only reporters.

In October last year, the New York Times published an article stating that Republican 18 years do not pay Federal tax because of the fact that suffered the loss of nearly a billion dollars in the early 90-ies. Rival trump in struggle for the post of President Hillary Clinton, commenting on this information, said that the tycoon is actually a morally bankrupt businessman.

The tramp appeared in the press information has not commented, but his lawyer said the billionaire «has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in property taxes, sales taxes and excise taxes, property taxes, city taxes, States taxes, labour taxes and Federal taxes.»

WikiLeaks announced the hunt on the tax records trump 23.01.2017

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