Wife Poroshenko in Berlin called for Ukrainian soldiers wounded

During the working visit of the President of Ukraine to the Federal Republic of Germany President’s wife Marina Poroshenko visited the Ukrainian soldiers who are undergoing treatment in military hospital of the Bundeswehr M. Berlin. On 1 February, reported the press service of the President.

Under the government assistance to the Federal Republic of Germany, since March 2014, Germany has organized five waves of treatment and rehabilitation. Now receiving treatment in various medical institutions of Germany is 17 Ukrainian servicemen.

In the military hospital of the Bundeswehr is now being treated and rehabilitated 6 Ukrainian defenders: senior soldier Volodymyr Storozhuk and Junior Sergeant Vladimir Fedotov 93 separate mechanized brigade, private Dmitry Sereda 91 separate operational command of the regiment, Junior Sergeant Dmitry Blokhin and soldiers Yury Mityagin 30 separate mechanized brigade and a Junior Sergeant Yuri ruzhitsky 25 separate airborne brigade.

The first lady talked to Ukrainian soldiers and thanked them for their courage and bravery shown in the fight for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. During the communication with the medical staff President’s wife asked the course of treatment and prospects for rehabilitation of our soldiers.

Maryna Poroshenko wished the defenders as soon as possible to recover and return to their Homeland, where they wait for relatives and friends of the people: «pain does not subside, but together, we can take care of the physical health of our soldiers. I am grateful to each Ukrainian and the international community, who are striving to fight for the health of our heroes who fought for peace in Ukraine».

Also, Mrs. Poroshenko met with volunteers — members of the Ukrainian community in Germany that help the military to communicate with physicians and to solve domestic issues.

In March 2014 in the hospital of Germany arrived 24 wounded and injured during the events on Maidan. In September 2014 — 20 wounded soldiers. In March 2015 in the German hospital received for treatment 17 Ukrainian soldiers, in August 2015 — 8 Ukrainian soldiers. November-15 12 defenders of Ukraine undergo further rehabilitation in Germany.

Earlier soldiers in Berlin was visited by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Wife Poroshenko in Berlin called for Ukrainian soldiers wounded 02.02.2016

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