Who creates a special group to fight the virus zika

The world Health Organization has created a special unit to combat the spread of zika virus reported on Tuesday, February 2, «Interfax» with reference to the European media.

According to the Director of who’s Department for health of mothers, children and adolescents Anthony Costello, division leaders who in Geneva and representatives of the organization of regional branches.

The group of experts will consider problems of microcephaly in children, which, according to unconfirmed reports, results infection with virus zika during pregnancy.

Unlike HIV or Ebola virus zika «is not fatal,» said Costello. «However, it can have a devastating impact on families,» he added.

Experts encountered difficulties, trying to establish a connection between infection and cases of microcephaly in infants. The problem is that the zika virus is diagnosed only in a short period of time, so in many cases the diagnosis cannot be confirmed using the tests. To diagnose fetal microcephaly is also difficult since it requires observation of fetal development in a few months.

In the who decided to conduct outreach activities on how to protect themselves from mosquito bites. This initiative was undertaken, in particular, the UNICEF children’s Fund.

According to official data, in 18 Brazilian States registered more than half a million cases of zika fever. The cases recorded in other countries of South America, as well as in a number of countries in the Pacific region, several «imported» cases identified in Europe and the USA.

The infection is not transmitted from person to person. At the moment there are neither medicines nor vaccines against zika virus. According to who estimates, the development of such a vaccine will take at least a year.

As reported, on the eve of the who outcome of the emergency meeting has described the virus outbreak as Zeke emergency health at the international level.

Who creates a special group to fight the virus zika 03.02.2016

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