WhatsApp has introduced encryption of messages for a billion of its users

Popular messenger WhatsApp, owned by Facebook Inc., introduces end-to-end encryption of all types of messages, including group conversations, exchanged 1 billion users of the application, said in a company blog.

End-to-end encryption means that all messages — including text and voice messages as well as photos, videos and other files — are automatically encrypted when sent from the user’s device.

«The idea is simple: you send a message, and the only one who can read it is the person you filed it. No one will be able to know the content of the message — not cyber criminals or hackers or oppressive regimes, or even our company,» says the company.

Innovation will be visible to all users after upgrading messenger to the latest version and requires no additional configuration. Encryption based on the algorithm developed by the nonprofit Open Whisper Systems.

Previously WhatsApp only encrypted text messages between users, now the same mechanism applies to chat rooms and other types of messages. Similar methods of protection are already used in the messenger Telegram.

The head and co-founder Jan koum, who was born in Kiev in 1976, noted that he personally seeks to protect the privacy of users.

«I grew up in the USSR under the Communist regime, and the lack of freedom of expression has been one of the reasons for my parents who moved to the U.S.,» he said.

Earlier it was reported that Russia is engaged in military intelligence in social networks.

WhatsApp has introduced encryption of messages for a billion of its users 06.04.2016

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