West of the occupied Crimea remained without light, and Evpatoria without water

Residents of the West Russia-occupied Crimea – Eupatoria, black sea and Razdolnoe regions — were left without light on Wednesday 9 December in the afternoon.

According to information the reg managers, as well as «energy Minister» of the Crimea Svetlana Borodulina, there are repair work, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

Borodulina at the meeting of the headquarters for elimination of emergencies on the Peninsula, associated with the energy deficit, transferred from the administration of Evpatoria message that the light in the city coming soon.

The reason of emergency work at the staff meeting was not specified.

Meanwhile, residents of Yalta told that the light was gone in the city about five o’clock in the evening on 9 December, also stopped the water supply, has deteriorated the quality of mobile communication.

Recall, December 6 after meeting with President activists blockade Russia annexed the Crimea has allowed to start operation of the power supply lines 220 kV «Kakhovka — Titanium».

Commissioner of the President on Affairs of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev said that the Peninsula can expect no more than 200-250 MW, whereas total demand of electricity in Crimea is 1050-1100 MW.

So, on 8 December at 0:07 the national energy company «Ukrenergo» resumed electricity supplies to Crimea via the transmission line 220 kV «Kakhovka — Titanium». «Right sector» announced the termination of the blockade of the Crimea because of the decision of the Majlis.

Russian-occupied Crimea was completely disconnected on the night of November 22 the result of blowing up of transmission towers in the Kherson region. The participants of the blockade of the Crimea, which was launched on the administrative border with the Peninsula on 20 September, prevented the repair of power lines, demanding the release of political prisoners, the unhindered entry of international observers in Crimea and the termination of repressions against the Crimean Tatars on the Peninsula.

Now the power system of the Peninsula has been isolated, used to save fan power. Introduced state of emergency because of its capacities there is only enough for social facilities (however, the energy from these facilities is directed primarily at military facilities of the Russian Federation and for the purposes of propaganda, for example, for back light advertising boards with the image of Putin). Meanwhile, in the occupied Ukrainian Peninsula, the growing discontent of the local population: people block roads, go on protests, threatened to go on hunger strike and occupying «authorities», in turn, being sarcastic, talking about formed in the de-energized and disconnected from telephone regions of the Crimea «good aura» and offer to give their children Generators.

West of the occupied Crimea remained without light, and Evpatoria without water 09.12.2015

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