Weather forecasters promise warming

In Ukraine on 22 December, weather forecasters predict insignificant warming. Precipitation throughout the country expected. About it reports hydrometeorological center.

The average temperature in Ukraine ranges from -1 to +5 degrees Celsius. Forecasters say that in the East of the country the thermometer column will show from +1 to -1. Night will be cooler — from -5 to -9 degrees.

In the center of the day temperature will make from +1 to -1, and at night — from +1 to -1. In the Northern regions of the day will be from +1 to -1. At night the temperature drops to -1…-6. In the South of Ukraine rain is also not expected that daytime temperatures will be from +2 to 0.

In the Western part of the country the thermometer column will rise to 1-5 degrees above zero. In Kiev, forecasters predict the temperature at the level from +1 to -1 degrees, and at night — from -4 to -6. Precipitation in the capital is not expected.

Earlier, forecasters predicted that the winter of 2016-2017, Ukraine will generally warm, but with several periods of drastic cooling that will be changed by warming to positive temperatures.

Weather forecasters promise warming 23.12.2016

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