Wall street greeted the election trump new record

Stock on the new York stock exchange rose Thursday, 10 November, to a record level. The Dow Jones industrial average rose more than 1 percent, reaching $ 18,807 points. About it reports Radio Freedom.

Quotes sprang and on Wednesday, the day after the victory of Donald trump in the presidential election. It is believed that the exchange is thus demonstrated, finally, the credibility of the Trump, which contrasts with how investors behaved during the election campaign, dropping shares whenever the rating of the Republican candidate raised in the public opinion polls.

The affected Thursday was the sector of high-tech companies. Facebook, Netflix, Amazon have dropped significantly in price, which may reflect the criticism that the American high-technology sector suffered from the elected President in support of global free trade.

The President-elect promised to cut taxes, increase defense spending, as well as modernization of transport infrastructure. Such a policy raises investors ‘ fears of inflation. The answer to these concerns was the increase in interest rates on 10-year and 30-year government bonds.

On the Mexican stock exchange (BMV), the second largest in Latin America, recorded the biggest drop over the past five years. So, its IPC index Thursday, November 10, collapsed at the close of trading 4.57%, RIA Novosti reported.

A second day of declines was the news about the victory of Donald trump, known for its antioksidantnoi rhetoric, the President of the United States.

In the end, on Thursday, the IPC index fell by 2.16 thousand points to the level of 45.2 thousand. Of shares of 35 companies traded on the stock exchange, for 34 positions were recorded a drop in prices. In this action one of the main assets of billionaire Carlos slim’s Grupo Carso lost in the price almost 10%.

At the same time the rate of the retail sales dollar for the first time in recent history exceeded 21 pesos. Since the fall of the peso to the dollar made up almost 19%.

Earlier it was reported that trump has won the US presidential election.

Meanwhile, the results of the elections in the US have fallen off the dollar and financial markets.

Wall street greeted the election trump new record 11.11.2016

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