Walker said that Russia is happy with a frozen conflict in the Donbas

Diplomatic and economic relations of the United States and Russia deteriorated due to the Donbass, said in an interview with the Financial Times, the special representative of the US State Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker.

According to him, relations between the US and Russia will continue to «limp» if no solution is found to Ukraine. He stressed that the Ukrainian issue does harm to relations between the two countries.

Walker also noted that Russia must abide by Minsk agreements. He believes that the Kremlin is trying to maintain a frozen conflict in the Donbas. According to him, Russia is paying the price of sanctions, and politically, and «over time the situation will become worse.»

Special envoy of the US state Department added that diplomatic and economic relations with Russia could be suspended if Russia will not make your final choice on the Donbass. According to Volcker, the situation in Eastern Ukraine «is getting worse and will continue to deteriorate if we do nothing».

Volker was appointed special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine on 7 July.

On 21 July he visited in the Donbas.

The armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine began in April 2014. Fighting underway between the Armed forces of Ukraine and Pro-Russian rebels who control part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Russia denies involvement in the conflict.

Walker said that Russia is happy with a frozen conflict in the Donbas 28.08.2017

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