WADA said that the criminal organization Fancy Bear tried to undermine her work

The world anti-doping Agency (WADA) comments RBC called hackers Fancy Bear criminal organization, commenting on the statement of hackers, some members of the independent Committee of WADA Richard McLaren had connections with the FBI.

«Fancy Bear – a criminal organization that seeks to undermine the work of WADA and its partners. Everything they published on 10 January, out of date,» – said the Manager of public relations and communications WADA Maggie Durand.

In a press-service of the International Olympic Committee also declined to comment on the accuracy of the information posted by hackers Fancy Bear.

10 Jan Fancy Bear issued a statement that the true purpose of a doping investigation against Russia was to obtain «access to multi-million dollar funds and bribes, which are an integral part of the sports world.» The hackers added that WADA wants to become a «supercession» in the sports world, alone to decide who is right and who is wrong.

The conclusions of the hackers was based on the analysis of the correspondence of the leaders of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) among themselves and with representatives of the Olympic Committee of the USA, and vada. In a Fancy Bear was also in correspondence of the officials of the IOC with McLaren. Hackers claiming to have found in the correspondence evidence linking members of the FBI.

In November 2015, WADA has published a report which accused the Russian Federation in government support of doping. The report noted that Russian special services were covered systematic doping Russian athletes, admits the «direct intimidation and interference» in the work of the WADA-accredited anti-doping laboratory in Moscow.

Because of the doping scandal, the national team of Russia on athletics was removed from the Olympic games in 2016. Also the Russian team at full strength is not allowed to the summer Paralympics.

5 Dec, IOC because of the systematic anti-doping rule violations barred from participating in the 2018 Olympics, the national Olympic Committee of the Russian Federation. The IOC Executive Board also suspended for life from any involvement in the Olympics and former sports Minister Vitaly Mutko and his former Deputy Yury Nagornykh.

WADA said that the criminal organization Fancy Bear tried to undermine her work 12.01.2018

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