Высший спецсуд решил – делом российских ГРУшников займётся Голосеевский райсуд Киева

The high specialized court of Ukraine on consideration criminal and civil cases started the meeting with determining jurisdiction of the criminal proceedings on charges of Russian special forces Alexandra Alexandrova , and Eugene Erofeev.

The reporting judge on the case determined the judge Stanislav Kravchenko, reports UNIAN.

As it became known, the Board of the Higher specialized court of Ukraine on consideration of civil and criminal cases determined that the cause of the Russian Grouchnikov Erofeev and Alexandrov will consider Gogolewski district court of Kiev, informs «Interfax-Ukraine».

«Send in the Goloseevsky district court of Kiev for consideration in essence», — announced the decision of the Board of HSCU judge-Rapporteur Kravchenko.

Thus, the High specialized court of Ukraine on consideration of civil and criminal cases satisfied the petition of Prosecutor’s office, which asked the court to determine the Goloseevsky regional court of Kiev the court of jurisdiction since the victims live in the area, and the defendants themselves are in Kiev, in the detention center of the SBU. At the same time, the Supreme court has rejected the petition of appeal court of Kiev.

In the court’s decision underscores that this case is an exception, because in the Novoaydarsky district court, where the crimes were committed by accused, to listen to him is impossible due to conduct on the territory of the ATO.

«The panel of judges considers it possible to recognize this case and exceptional… to provide rights and freedoms to send the specified production in the Goloseevsky district court of Kiev», — underlined in the ruling of the court.

The lawyer Erofeev Oksana Sokolovsky, who spoke against satisfaction of this petition of the Prosecutor’s office and insisted that the proceedings in the Pechersk district court of Kyiv, has expressed bewilderment the decision of the Supreme court and predicted that the preliminary decision may begin «in a week or two».

The highest specialcourt considered applications received from the court of appeal of Kyiv and prosecutors on the necessity of determining jurisdiction of the case of commandos. During the trial it was stated several motions and statements. The petition for inclusion in the materials of consideration of the statement of the victim about the need to consider the case of commandos in the Goloseevsky district court was granted by the College.

Also the Highest specialcourt attached to the materials of the statement of Alexandrov’s protection on changing the measure of restraint from detention in hospital. However, the judge-Rapporteur emphasized that the petition will not be considered as beyond the scope of the subject matter, i.e., jurisdiction determination.

As reported, the Sergeant of the Russian Main intelligence Directorate (GRU) Alexandrov and captain GRU Erofeev were detained on 16 may in the zone of military operations near the city Happiness (Luhansk region) while attempting to seize a strategic bridge. One of the detainees was wounded in the arm, another in the leg. The detainees were transferred to Kiev, in the Main clinical hospital of the Ministry of defense. On may 29, they were taken for elective surgery.

On 19 may Ukrainian investigators announced the detainee is suspected of committing crimes under article 258-3 of the criminal code of Ukraine for participation in terrorist activity so-called «LNR», and on Friday, may 22, Shevchenkivsky district court of Kyiv chose a measure of restraint in form of detention.

In the official document of the Ministry of defense of Russia refused from the fighters of the GRU Alexander Alexander and Evgeny Erofeev.

In the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) stated that Ukraine considers the detained in the Luhansk region soldiers of the GRU of the Russian General staff, captain Erofeev and Sergeant Alexandrov terrorists, but will provide them with all necessary legal and medical assistance.

In late July, the detainees were transferred from the hospital to the remand prison of Kyiv.

In early August Deputy of the Procurator General of Ukraine — chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that these special forces will impose suspicion for the preparation and unleashing of armed conflict (war) on the territory of Ukraine: «Due to the realization of the criminal plan hybrid war to the single intent were sent to both the actions of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation committed in the past year and the actions of members of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation of Alexander and Erofeev. Here a single intent. In their indictments will be precisely sent to court, and they will also be charged and it is declared suspicion in article 437 for participating in aggressive war and military conflict».

Thus, Matios gave to understand that the issue of a possible exchange of these Russian soldiers.

September 29, Goloseevskiy district court of Kyiv has extended by 60 days (21 November – ed.) the measure of restraint in form of detention of Russian Evgeny Erofeev Grosnica and Alexander Alexandrov.

Высший спецсуд решил – делом российских ГРУшников займётся Голосеевский райсуд Киева 15.10.2015

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