Volunteer Kasyanov: Poroshenko will never surrender Muzhenko. Even if you burn all army depots, and the enemy will Kharkiv

Representatives of the popular front demanded the resignation of chief of General staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko, however, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko does not want to send in the resignation, and social networks launched a campaign for «whitening General». This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian volunteer Yury Kasyanov in Facebook.

«I met Muzhenko under the Slavonic. The first operation, which struck me, full – frontal assault on Krasny Liman on June 2, 2014. After a three-hour artillery barrage of the column left the post «3A» stupid on the road – as if on parade, as the advancing Soviet army during world war II. There were many burned-out equipment, the dead and many wounded – the enemy, peresidev shelling in bunkers, shot advancing from the woods on both sides of the road,» the volunteer wrote.

He added that later the Pro-Russian militants in tanks «rolled» poorly positioned APU checkpoint under the Slavic and «went» to the base camp of the Ukrainian military, where he was Muzhenko.

«War is war, there are wounded, are killed. But the calm exit of Igor Girkin from Slavyansk to justify nothing. The militants were going long, noisy, even forgot to shoot sitting «in the basement»… the staff ended the phone warning about the impending retirement, but nothing was done to destroy the enemy group. A small armored column that Girkin was sent to the slaughter on the road to Kramatorsk, killing at arrangement to the glory of Ukrainian weapons. But the fact of the betrayal of the blood was concealed,» continued the volunteer.

Kasyanov added that then was «hike on the miners, destroyed the sector «D», lost the Saur-Mogila, Ilovaysk, Novoazovsk, left Lugansk airport, I almost handed over Mariupol, the road of death to the 32-th checkpoint,» the heroic defense of the Donetsk airport «a terrible mistake in the defense of debaltseve».

«When they say that the current chief of the General staff revived the Ukrainian army (Soviet), it’s true. But she was «reborn» anyway, any other chief of the General staff. Because during the war the military machine in any belligerent country has to change… and then: whose merit is more in the revival of the Soviet army General staff or the defense Ministry – it is difficult to understand the contradictory interweaving of cash flows and powers. One thing is clear: as the commander Muzhenko – no», – he stressed.

The volunteer added that the struggle for the post of chief of the General staff is closely tied to politics.

«Poroshenko will never surrender Muzhenko. Even if you burn all army depots, and the enemy will take Kharkov and occupied the Dnieper. There are several reasons, each of which is key. First, Poroshenko and Muzhenko have jointly done a lot of military errors, abundantly watered with the blood of our soldiers. Second – unconditional personal loyalty to the General of the army, and our President does not trust almost anyone. Third – in case of Declaration of martial law Muzhenko actually becomes the second man in the state,» he said.

According to Kasyanov, the representatives of «rival clan» insists on shifting Muzhenko in case of a Declaration of martial law.

«If Poroshenko will declare martial law – and it will happen, when shaken his throne, to rule the country will be two – Poroshenko and his resentful, angry, well-armed shadow. Such a prospect no one likes; not even the closest partners Poroshenko. Well, we – more,» he concluded.


Volunteer Kasyanov: Poroshenko will never surrender Muzhenko. Even if you burn all army depots, and the enemy will Kharkiv 30.09.2017

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