Volunteer Donik: my biggest fear is that after a number of provocations will be carried out a coup by forces close to Avakov

In connection with the fire at an ammunition depot in Kalynivka, Vinnytsia region, supporters of interior Minister Arsen Avakov demand to replace chief of staff, though in defense of the reforms are much more effective than the Ministry Avakov. Twhich the opinion was expressed Kharkiv volunteer Roman Donik in Facebook.

Earlier today the people’s Deputy from «popular front» Anton Gerashchenko has demanded that the head of the General staff of the armed forces Victor Muzhenko, and his Deputy responsible for the safekeeping of military stores, had resigned. And for the head of the General staff came «the young and the accountable officer of the Armed forces».

«And years had passed, avakovskie took off. Councillors, ex-councillors, journalists on complementary feeding, the experts involved in «reform» of light infantry NSU. By the way, who is stopping Pashinsky (the people’s Deputy from «popular front» Sergei Pashinsky, head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security and defence. – «GORDON») and shamelessly 3,14 zdit of money needed for elections on the defense industry? And who young and the accountable officer in place of chief of the General staff?» – Donik wrote.

The volunteer added that he feared a seizure of power in Ukraine is controlled by the head of the interior Ministry structures.

«I’m afraid that after a series of provocations, after triggered by the start of the slaughter under the guise of saving the order will be carried out a coup d’etat by forces close to interior Minister Avakov, the System of the Ministry of interior – the enclosed and preserved from all ministries. There, in addition to police patrol, nothing happened. The same personnel in leadership positions, the same system of bribery and extortion,» he said.

Donika said that the old staff in the Ministry of internal Affairs left because of fears that the country will increase crime, however, the old employees were «almost all», and crime is growing.

«The interior Ministry is funded under an entirely different system than belligerent army. All up to date on new equipment and weapons, which are from the national guard (not the one close to the front edge) and which have no APU. MIA buys what he needs, when he needs. While the APU is regulated very much. While regulated army colleague Avakov and Pashinsky his people in the Parliament,» he said.

The volunteer added that a lot of people «poured tons of shit on the Mat», but not a single word criticizing the interior Ministry.

«When each purchase in the APU community understands under a microscope, all trades in the interior closed. And all the backpacks and arrange for 3 thousand UAH, and the form of the national guard 2701, and shoes «a Thousand steps». For every premium barrel from the Ministry of defense raised the storm, but hundreds of barrels distributed Avakov, pass unnoticed. And these people, they, of course, not the court. They call themselves objective and independent. However, a strange objectivity is impossible. All these «leaders» vehemently hate President Petro Poroshenko, criticized the entire government, except for Avakov,» he said.

According to Donica, the interior Minister almost three years building a «state within a state», and all key positions are people who are committed to personally Avakov.

«Most of the old militia personnel in high ranks should sit. But they still occupy high positions. They are satisfied with the interior Minister because Avakov has dirt on them. Kharkiv have no illusions about Avakov. After the revolution Avakov made a redistribution of the market in the Kharkiv region the same methods as Gennady Kernes. They are, in principle, from one time and do not differ much from each other means,» – said the volunteer.

Donica added that the National guard 70-80% there is the «dogs of the regime» and does not like the protesters.

«I really want to make a mistake, I really wish it was just paranoia. But I do see the closed system to be conserved in 2014, which is guarded by the journalists, the volunteers, talking heads. And I don’t trust the system, which since 2013, the only change is the name of the head… police Patrol, I do not belong to the interior Ministry Avakov. These are the guys that Avakov closes like shield all that doesn’t change in the system,» he concluded.


Volunteer Donik: my biggest fear is that after a number of provocations will be carried out a coup by forces close to Avakov 27.09.2017

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