Volunteer «Donbass» told about success of the guerrillas and the blockade of trade with ORDO

Fighter battalion «Donbass» Mikhail Gereluk with the call sign «katana» told about the effectiveness of guerrilla warfare and explain why it is necessary to block trade with the rebels. Writes about this Island.

Gergely went to war for independence as a volunteer in 2014. Then mobilized, and then returned to the front as a volunteer. Now «katana» along with his fellow restored the status of the battalion «Donbas» as a volunteer unit. They are on the front, as in the beginning of the war — as partisans. And help them, as always, volunteers.

«We, the veterans of the battalion «Donbass», together with the guys from «Aydar» and other units initiated the establishment of the Headquarters for the blockade of the trade of so-called «LNR», «DNR», — says Gereluk. We delivered an ultimatum: if you do not start the exchange of prisoners — we are ready to block roads and railway lines. And this blockade can bring impressive gains, because that’s how we push certain segments of the population».

According to him, Ukraine is now fully nourish terrorists, and because of the blockade here will start problems with the local population: «Then there will be global problems in the units of the armed groups «DNR», «LNR». They have another problem: people begin to Express their dissatisfaction. And it can escalate into riots. And as soon as this will begin, most likely, with the result to free our prisoners.»

According to «katana» if the blockade is not only trade, but also to block the supply of energy and other strategic communication — people will quickly feel that the Donbass — it is Ukraine. «People just understand that the gang that came, being a large kings — nothing. And they can just steal away,» — said the fighter.

Gereluk, believes that volunteer guerrilla units are most effective in a hybrid war. «I’m not afraid of what can be consequences, as this fighting, this war. I know what I need to do the job. We need to fight in order to live better. To live all Ukrainians better. To our future arrived much faster and it was closer to us,» he says.

According to «katana» as Ukrainian soldiers go back to the Soviet standards, which are already outdated. «We’re not going forward, no progress. Learned at a certain stage to fight, learned to survive. But to be a professional, not learned. Says the Japanese expression, «better to be a samurai in the garden of cherry blossoms, than a gardener at war.» So, unfortunately, there is no professional military in such quantity, of such equipment and level of training, so we can accelerate the victory. So we took it nice and quickly for a short period of time,» he says.

The fighter considers that the low level of professionalism and training of officers to prevent Ukrainians to win, like during the summer campaign 2014. «That the officers, from the captain and ending with the General. It is stuck problem, he said. — Because the soldiers have learned to become «gardeners» in «samurai». But the command does not want to be reeducated, wants to look at the issue of war from a different angle. Officers are looking at still on the old Soviet standards, which leads to tragic consequences.»

«From the point of view of an officer and volunteer, I command to fire is not needed. Because I came to war to fight to defend their Homeland. And I don’t need, as a patriot of Ukraine, a command or permission to the defense of their country. From the point of view of members of the Armed forces, the situation with the prohibition of fire in response, surprised. Because the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the Minsk agreements, a statement was made that any soldier, if attacked by terrorists, has every right to return fire. And then there are the Charter. And the Statute says that in a direct assault from the enemy, a sentry may open fire without warning. So no need to ask anybody to do requests… permission is not required,» says Gereluk.

Volunteer «Donbass» told about success of the guerrillas and the blockade of trade with ORDO 26.01.2017

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