Volokh: Start the Prosecutor General’s office in 2014 what she does now — we would be living in another country

The Ukrainian authorities have started a systematic fight against corruption, but many already believe that the current «explosion of anti-corruption activities of law enforcement» is an «imitation of rough activity» to deceive the people. This opinion was expressed by the activist of the Public lustration Committee, blogger Karl Volokh on his page in Facebook.

«I am totally convinced that the Prosecutor General’s office start in 2014 what she does now – we would be living in another country on the level of public confidence in the authorities, and to the success of the reforms (which often are inhibited the corrupt interests of the elite). And disappointment, and resentment of people against the government for the fall in living standards (which was objectively and inevitably) could at least partly offset by the appreciation of such a powerful Ukrainians have a sense of justice, which, in fact, brought people to the Maidan,» – he stressed.

Volokh noted that in 2014, urged people from the President’s team in need of landing a corrupt and offered them a list of the cases, the investigation of which was supposed to be the government’s priority.

«You’ll see, – said I. – You will still come to what is to be done. Moreover, in the next couple of years of success in the economy will not be exact, and the inevitable increase in tariffs and such reformers poured into the sewer. But if you miss time, what would you then do, will be perceived by society with absolute distrust, criticized and ridiculed (and I still could not imagine that rykovskii media will influence the public mood in a powerful way)». But they (the authorities) was then at the peak of confidence and complacency. And I did not find such prospects are real,» he said.

The blogger added that after the failure of security forces to the Prosecutor General Vitaly Yarema Viktor Shokin current Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) Sytnyk and interior Minister Arsen Avakov doing much to fight corruption, but it can not reverse the skepticism of society.

«The most offensive that in the end, after several years of abuse of the law enforcement system Yarema and Shokin, serious work still had to begin. And the scale that now makes Lutsenko with Sytnik and Avakov, really impressive. But is that enough to reverse the people absolutely be sceptical about the willingness of the authorities to live by the law and punish its violators, especially high-ranking, I don’t know. I hope so – otherwise this could be already quite sad,» said Volokh.

He added that the main problem today is a basic shortage of judges in the courts of Kiev and a huge number of cases investigated, which was sent for consideration.

«By law, the prosecution for treason of ex-President does not have any preferences before an accident or theft from the supermarket. At the current pace, we will get sentences at best in five years… to Solve quickly this problem in the framework of the Constitution and the law very difficult. Especially when there is a reform of the judicial system and its procedure stipulated by law. But the question has engaged many people, including the President and heads of the judicial system. I think in the next you will hear how this will happen,» concluded the blogger.


Volokh: Start the Prosecutor General’s office in 2014 what she does now — we would be living in another country 15.07.2017

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