Volkswagen will learn to adjust in the stream on command from the touchpad

The developers of Volkswagen intend to establish a system of vehicle control in the flow with the help of gestures.

We are talking about the teams ahead of the stream or to change lanes, applied to a touch panel located on the handle of the automatic transmission, reports

The German manufacturer has already filed a patent application. The documents described the touch control located in the upper part of the handle of the shift lever. According to Top Speed, the system will request a command from the driver, presenting some options for further action: overtaking a slow moving vehicle, moving with a speed of flow or change of number.

The patent also provides for a new technology alerts drivers using light signals depending on the level of urgency decision making the touchpad will be illuminated in different colors.

When the described innovations will be launched in the series, is still unknown. VW is yet to receive the approval of the European patent office and modify the technology for practical use.

The publication lists the concerns that it causes in the system control cars gestural commands similar to a smartphone. So, according to Top Speed, will inevitably raise the question of the accuracy of interpretation of certain gestures. In addition, many drivers have the habit of putting your hand on the gear shift knob to stay.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that experts from Cornell and Stanford universities in the United States develop a system to ensure road safety under the name Brain4Cars, which is able to warn drivers about the maneuvers correctly before they committed them.

Volkswagen will learn to adjust in the stream on command from the touchpad 04.10.2016

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