Volkswagen was suspected of underreporting of accidents. In the office of the automaker conducted a search

The average number of incidents involving cars Volkswagen has nine times lower than those of other automakers.

This writes ZN.UA with reference to Bloomberg.

According to the Agency, the company Stout Risius Ross commissioned Bloomberg has conducted an analysis of reports of automakers over the last decade and found that the average number of incidents involving cars 11 the world’s largest automakers exceeds the number of accidents with cars VW nine times.

«Of the 11 vehicle manufacturers, which accounted for 88% of vehicles in the U.S., the highest number of accidents — with participation of General Motors Co. (524 incident per million vehicles)», — stated in the message.

At the same time, Volkswagen was the lowest rate is 34 per million.

The average was at the level of 301 per million vehicles. Three companies — GM, Toyota Motor Corp. and BMW — these indicators were above average.

The low level was at Chrysler — 101 incident occurred, and the Honda is 78.

The Agency decided to emphasize the fact that Nissan Motor Co. this indicator is also at the level of 78 cases per million, and that «fully meets» all the standards, said company spokesman Steve Yaeger.

The Prosecutor’s office of the city of Braunschweig on Thursday searched the headquarters of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg and in offices in other cities, according to Deutsche Welle.

«The purpose of the searches is the seizure of «documents and media» that may contain information about specific actions of the persons involved in the manipulation, reads the statement, published on the website of the Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig», — notes the Agency.

Searches were conducted in the framework of the criminal case against the manipulation of data on emissions of diesel cars Volkswagen.

We will remind, «diesel» the scandal of Volkswagen cars began in mid-September.

The U.S. Agency for environmental protection had accused the automaker that its cars with diesel engines was software that allowed you to bypass a check on emission of harmful substances.

We are talking about cars 2009-2015 model years. The company faces a fine of 18 billion dollars, and the U.S. justice Department began the violations of the criminal investigation.

Volkswagen was forced partially to suspend sales of several models of diesel cars in the USA, and the Chairman of the Board Martin Winterkorn publicly apologized to the customers of VW.

As reported, Volkswagen, Toyota took the title of world’s largest automaker for the first half, realized his dream three years ahead of schedule.

Volkswagen was suspected of underreporting of accidents. In the office of the automaker conducted a search 08.10.2015

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