Volkswagen ranked first in sales in the world

German carmaker Volkswagen in 2016 bypassed Japanese Toyota Motor sales cars. This writes LigaBusinessInform with reference to Bloomberg

According to the report, sales of Toyota last year increased by 0,2% to 10,17 million cars, Volkswagen increased sales by 3.8% to 10.3 million cars.

It is noted that Toyota has lost first place Volkswagen due to differences in the main direction of sales.

The German automaker increased its sales in China due to lower taxes in this country. And reduced demand in the United States affected sales of Japanese concern.

Toyota Motor ranked first in sales of cars in the world the last four years.

Recall, the new US President Donald trump said that Toyota will have to pay high taxes, if the company decides to build a plant in Mexico and not in USA.

Previously, he criticized the U.S. made in the neighboring country.

Volkswagen ranked first in sales in the world 30.01.2017

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