Vocalist «Kridi» preparing a rap album

The vocalist of the band «Kryhitka» Sasha Koltsova is planning to release a solo rap album, which will be called «Track 2».

«I had an absolutely crazy dream that I myself find when I look at her and think you’re crazy! I really want to record a rap album! I’ve accumulated a lot of emotions that in «Krida» do not fit. Copyright the energy that is bubbling inside of me had gone nowhere — I have accumulated leaves, candy wrappers, on which are recorded the rhymes. If I collected those slips enough, it will write «Track 2″. I even invented a name, something registered, but I need hip beat-maker», — said Koltsov on the air chart #selecting for «Jam FM».

Until late spring the group «Kryhitka» will continue to work on recording a Studio album, «Without Poland, Sweden, Hungary». Most likely it will be presented to the birthday of Sasha Koltsova, which she celebrates on may 30.

«We start with Alexander Slutsky to pick up all sorts of special effects, beautify our rock structure. I myself really looking forward to the album, because you cannot rely on old successes. I expect new successes. I hope to make myself a gift on birthday, and to release a new album. At least on his cover, we have already started working and this is very stimulating,» says Koltsova.

Earlier, the leader of the group «Tartak» Sashko Polozhinsky free made the album of his new project «Bow .».

Vocalist «Kridi» preparing a rap album 16.02.2016

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