Vlasenko responded to the accusations related to the «Putin’s plan» and who plunder the state budget and pays taxes in Russia?

In the opposition faction «Batkivshchyna» think that protests allegedly planned to disrupt the situation in Ukraine, are less threatening than the actions of the President of Petro Poroshenko</b>. This follows from the words of the Deputy from «Batkivshchyna» Serhiy Vlasenko said at a conciliatory Council of Parliament on Monday, 14 November 2016, reports «Ukrainian truth».

Earlier, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy urged the factions to agree not to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, in order not to repeat the Moldovan scenario, where presidential elections were won by the Pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon (socialist party).

«Andrey, you mentioned Moldova — but not told main on Moldova, I think. More to the skepticism of the European choice gathered in Moldova, those who are called «evrofury». It is those who are the slogans of European integration came to power and began to steal funds from the state budget of Moldova and stole a billion. This is something that is almost proven in Moldova», — said Vlasenko.

«Unfortunately, in this we would follow the example of Moldova. He came to the slogans of European development and steal money from the state budget», — he added.

«Many people here were taught about the plan of Putin and the President of a country at war. And I have a simple question: how many million rubles of taxes paid by the President of the warring countries to the budget of the aggressor state? Simple question for those who talks here about the plans of Putin», — said the Deputy.

According to Vlasenko, those people who took everything from banks, «you don’t know the owner of the only Bank in Ukraine, steadily increasing their profits halved, they do not understand it — because they have all taken, and he somehow, in a falling system, earns every year twice (more)».

«When I speak of the plan of Putin, I remember a President who has broken through this Parliament a special status for Donbass. And I remember the dead boys the 31 the number killed because the President was making an illegal method of voting for the special status of Donbass. And that’s the reason — not the people who stood and demanded that the Ukrainian government has survived as a state,» he said.

«So let’s not put everything on its head. I emphasize again: Putin’s plan — tell me, how much to pay the President in the budget of the Russian Federation, for the money which weapons are bought and the Russian Federation, supported the separatists and so on,» urged the lawyer.

He added that the Verkhovna Rada Committee on state construction, regional policy and local self-government «is fully ready for the Day of local self-government, can hold on — this — week».

«In the Committee we went through all the bills, (they) prepared for the second reading and submitted to the structural units of the Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada for final clearance,» — said Vlasenko.

Recall, tomorrow, that is November 15, the opposition collects people near the presidential Administration to protest against the impoverishment of the population due to a sharp increase of tariffs for services of housing and communal services and mass bankruptcies of Ukrainian banks.

In the Pro-presidential «Block Poroshenko» (BPP) this and other similar actions have already called replacename (including Pro-Russian «Opposition bloc»).

In view of «terrorist threats», the police plans tomorrow to block the Khreshchatyk street.

As reported earlier, the security Service of Ukraine, the first stage of the implementation of developed of Russia’s plan to «destabilize» the situation in Ukraine with the purpose of early parliamentary elections is scheduled for November 15 the all-Ukrainian protest action of Bank depositors and 17 November, the campaign is supposed to transform into a protest against the hike in utility tariffs, which, according to the plans of the Russian Federation, should be transformed into a block government structures.

«The purpose of the plan of internal destabilization, the organization of early elections in Ukraine, strengthen the position of Pro-Russian forces in the new Parliament,» the security Service of Ukraine.

Vlasenko responded to the accusations related to the «Putin’s plan» and who plunder the state budget and pays taxes in Russia? 14.11.2016

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