Vitas was sentenced to seven days jail

Russian singer Vitas will have seven days to spend behind bars. This was reported by «Moskovsky Komsomolets».

Singer, being drunk, shot at the crows at home, in Barvikha, perepoloshit whole district. It happened on the night of March 22. Neighbors of the singer called the police.

The singer refused to communicate with the arriving local police, so they called for reinforcement.

Later, the singer stated that he had shot blanks.

Producer of Vitas, Sergey Pudovkin explained that in fact, Vitas celebrated the completion of its sculpting wax figures in China, and launched fireworks.

Police found in the house of the musician 42 of the sleeve.

Based on what happened to the musician opened a criminal case under article «hooliganism» (part 1 of. article 20.1. CAO), as punishment Vitas was sentenced to 15 days of arrest.

The singer admitted his guilt and repented of his actions.

The court sentenced him to seven days of administrative arrest. Vitas entered into in handcuffs and under police escort was sent to the detention center, and later sent to serve his sentence in the detention center.

Singer expects the prison routine: rise at seven in the morning, Breakfast, cleaning of the camera, personal time, lunch at 14.00, personal time, dinner at 20.00, personal time, lights out at 22.00.

In spring 2013, the artist was accused that he car hit a girl on her bike. The victim was still alive.

Vitas was born on 19 February 1979 in Daugavpils, Latvia. He is the owner of a rare timbre of the voice – falsetto.

Vitas was sentenced to seven days jail 28.03.2018

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