Violations during a meeting with Saakashvili in Chernivtsi was not – the police

The police did not record any violations during four public events in Chernivtsi on September 13. This reports the press service of the police in Chernivtsi region.

It is reported that the mass event was attended by more than 200 residents of the city, law and order were guarded by the police 45.

«In the afternoon at the Theater square of Chernivtsi was held a celebration on the occasion of the first performance live of songs of Volodymyr Ivasiuk «Chervona Ruta» and «Vodohray». Later on the Central square of the regional center Mikhail Saakashvili (ex-President of Georgia and former head of the Odessa regional state administration. – «GORDON») met with residents and community activists. No violations of public security are not allowed», – stated in the message.

Saakashvili on September 13 from Lviv arrived in Chernivtsi. Around 18.30 he met with residents and activists.

Lost Ukrainian citizenship Saakashvili on 10 September returned to Ukraine through the checkpoint «shehyni». With a crowd of supporters of policy broke through the cordon of guards.

Poroshenko said Saakashvili had committed a crime, violating the state border of Ukraine, to engage in that – the matter of law enforcement.

On 12 September, the leader of the «Movement novih forces» presented the administrative report for violation of the procedure of crossing the state border.

The lawyer of the politician Markiyan halabala has been reported that the defence will challenge the loss of citizenship Saakashvili in the Higher administrative court of Ukraine.

Violations during a meeting with Saakashvili in Chernivtsi was not – the police 14.09.2017

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