Victory trump has brought the Russian oligarchs $ 29 billion – Forbes

The richest people of Russia has added to its assets of $ 29 billion after the election of billionaire Donald trump President of the United States.

It is reported

According to the newspaper, the Russian billionaires became rich by about $ 29 billion after the election trump, more than in any other country except the United States. While American businesses have increased their incomes by an average of 2.8% after the election, the wealthiest Russians increased their revenues by an average of 7.1%.

During this time most rich Gennady Timchenko: shares in NOVATEK rose 16% after the US elections. This means that he owns the package (23% of the company’s shares) is now worth about 1.8 billion.

The journal reminds that the Russian businessman has sold a 43% stake in the oil trading company Gunvor, which he founded, one day before the U.S. Treasury adopted sanctions against him in March 2014.

The publication notes that today most part of the state Timchenko, which is estimated at 15.1 billion dollars, it is private, and therefore is harder to track changes on a daily basis than changes in the shares of NOVATEK.

Leonid Mikhelson, who is considered the richest man in Russia, has increased his fortune more than anyone else, says the publication. Also being a shareholder of «NOVATEK», he made a fortune of 1.9 billion dollars. after the election of the United States – to 18.2 billion dollars. Mikhelson and Timchenko, as well as Kirill Shamalov, who Reuters and Bloomberg called «son of Putin«, has also invested in «SIBUR».

«Steel magnates» Alexey Mordashov and Vladimir Lisin, has added to its assets to 1.6 billion dollars. and 1.4 billion. respectively. While Lisin has a fortune of about 830 million dollars. within three days from the moment of victory trump.

The head of «LUKOIL» Vagit Alekperov made a fortune of 1.8 billion dollars. after the election trump. His success was more to do with changes in world oil market than with politics in the US, says Forbes.

Earlier Forbes reported that the combined wealth of the Cabinet members of President-elect Donald trump — the biggest in the history of the governments of the United States. The magazine estimated the value at $ 4.5 billion — despite the fact that Trump was left to appoint two Ministers: agriculture and veterans Affairs.

Victory trump has brought the Russian oligarchs $ 29 billion – Forbes 11.01.2017

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