Vice Premier Zubko told how he saved the plant from cold and panic

The attack by the militants at the plant was intended to exacerbate the situation and sow panic among the people. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubkospeaking today, February 10, from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada in the framework of the government hour in the Parliament.

«If in the early days, from January 29, was 400-800-1000 attacks a day, if you count the last three days of shelling the industrial zone in the town and the city, it was 3.5 thousand attacks. This is 10 thousand tons of metal, which almost fell upon the heads of our military that made it impossible for the capture of the city,» he said.

«And this is the purpose – the aggravation of the situation, panic among people, not to give the possibility of the existence of the city was the main target of the attack occupying forces,» said Zubko.

«When we waited every day with the «silence regime» to carry out remedial work, repair crews constantly fired when they went to work. February 1 was fired at the center of the city – school №2, a tent city, where he died the employee of the SSES and peaceful inhabitant of the Town», – stated the Deputy Prime Minister.

He thanked the head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration Pavlo Zhebrivskyi because he «personally led a column of repairmen in the last day,» when I was able to fix power lines.

Vice Prime Minister also thanked the OSCE mission.

«It was a very difficult situation, and it was withheld,» he said as he noted the support of other countries in this matter.

According to Zubko, the crisis scenarios were considered different, until the complete evacuation of the city.

He stressed that nearly a week the situation in the city was very difficult, but was on hourly monitoring in power.

Now the city is «fully restored heat, power, gas, water supply and drainage», a 5-to 7-schools resumed school, although the fighting in the industrial area almost stopped, said Zubko.

We will remind, on January 29 the Russian occupation of hybrid armed groups have carried out assault operations in the area of Avdeyevka industrial area to seize positions of Ukrainian Armed forces and that both sides suffered serious losses.

As a result of the shelling of Avdeevka remained without power, electricity and heat.

In gorodechnyi a state of emergency.

Rescuers urgently transferred to the plant ancillary equipment, generators and field kitchens. Avdiivka coke (APS), the largest in Europe coke-chemical plant, stopped work after the attacks due to the loss of power, managed to maintain an Autonomous electricity generation at the plant and provide heating of the Avdeevka coke-oven gas.

Thus from-for attacks of teams of electricians for a long time could not enter the area of damage to power lines. The lights in Avdeevka returned only on February 5.

Vice Premier Zubko told how he saved the plant from cold and panic 10.02.2017

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