Viatrovych believes a bad example, «the Lenin smithy» Poroshenko

The head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory (winp) Vladimir vyatrovich said that delaying the renaming of the shipyard «Lenin’s smithy», which belongs to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, is a violation of the law on decommunization. This viatrovych said in an interview with «Apostrophe».

According to him, the leadership of the «Lenin’s smithy» said that at the moment everything is still in the competition for a new name. Viatrovych noted that in 2017 should be renamed all enterprises in accordance with the law on decommunization.

The law, says the head of the Ukrainian Instiute national memory, is the law as long as it is law for all, and the case of the «Lenin’s smithy» is a bad example of what somebody considers it possible to violate the law.

Viatrovych also stated that the process of de-communization in Ukraine did not require the allocation of additional financial resources.

In particular, says viatrovych, when you change the settlement name or the street in the passport, this has been the employee of the State migration service within the framework of their existing responsibilities, for which he receives a salary.

«That is, the additional expenditure is not demand», — said the head of the Institute.

Regarding the change of plates with names of streets and settlements viatrovych said they are salivales material, i.e. one that is subject to periodic replacement.

«That is, funds already provided in each local budget,» he added.

We will note, the Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk believes that the process of de-communization in Ukraine is the Communist methods.

Viatrovych believes a bad example, «the Lenin smithy» Poroshenko 24.01.2017

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