«Vgrajen» stated that they would not vote for the draft budget in the wording of the budget Committee

Proposed to the Parliament the draft state budget for 2018 does not account for the majority of changes made by parliamentary group «Party «Vidrodzhennya», the group would therefore vote for it. This was at the conciliatory Council of the Verkhovna Rada on Monday, 13 November, said the people’s Deputy group «the Party «Renaissance» Alexander Belovolov, the website of political power.

«Today again proposed by the government? This hybrid decentralization, we offer a variety of new costs to transfer to local budgets. Practically, the state does not assume obligations for housing and communal services, and subsidies. This is nonsense. I will only cite one example in the city of Kharkiv. Today, all the proposals that the government wants to implement, shifting the costs to local communities, will cost the city budget of Kharkiv in 1 billion additional costs. Therefore, I appeal to the first Deputy Prime Minister, so today we have reviewed this policy, if you already pass these powers on local budgets, they should feel state support and state funding,» said Belovolov.

The group also opposes the transfer of obligations on financing of colleges and technical schools to local budgets.

«Today, Ukraine 426 state higher educational institutions of I and II accreditation levels. Please note, a year ago you gave vocational schools at the local budgets. We almost lost them. Pay attention to it – if there is no state support, if there is no state funding, colleges and technical schools will die today as have died secondary education», – said the politician.

September 15 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved and sent to Parliament the draft state budget for next year. The document envisages GDP growth at 3%, inflation at 7%, budget deficit of 2.4% of GDP and an increase in the minimum wage to UAH 3723.

The Cabinet laid in the state budget for 2018 revenues of 877 billion UAH, expenses – 948 billion. The maximum volume of deficit of the state budget of Ukraine in 2018 determined at 77 billion 944 million 800 thousand UAH.

«Renaissance» criticized the draft and proposed amendments, including that relate to increasing social guarantees: the group proposes to raise minimum wage to 3050 UAH per month, to increase public funding for treatment of seriously ill patients and to implement programs to support farmers.

«Vgrajen» stated that they would not vote for the draft budget in the wording of the budget Committee 13.11.2017

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