Veterans of the ATO do not support the «CPF» and encouraged to ignore calls to civil strife

Veterans of anti-terrorist operation denied involvement in the clashes on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev.

This was said at a press conference on Monday, February 22, transfer «Ukrainian news».

Veteran ATO: thank God, RIR «a third Maidan» didn’t work out, the people were wiser

According to the former commander of the 5th company of the regiment «Dnepr-1» Vladimir Shilov, the military did not support the movement «Revolutionary right-wing forces», who are now on Maidan, and their actions are aimed at destabilizing the situation.

In particular, a veteran of the special purpose company of the national guard Andrei Marin noted that the Ukrainian soldiers were not involved in the actions aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country.

«We stand for the protection of the interests of the people. We are ready for dialogue and assistance to the leadership of the country. The tension in the country is very large, and we want to be heard,» he said.

According to the representative of the 25th battalion «Kyivska Rus» and the head of the Association of soldiers of the ATO «Kyivska Rus» Alexander Checkmate, veterans will not allow the bloodshed on the Maidan.

«We will not allow bloodshed on the Maidan and the creation of political projects,» he said.

Chakmas also urged Parliament to adopt a law on civilian control.

The same position was supported by the veterans of the battalion «Donbass» Dmitry Esaulov.

He stressed that the veterans of the ATO will never lead the situation inside the country to civil confrontation.

«We will always act through dialogue. We encourage — ignore all offers to come to the square, offers to the opposition», — he addressed to the public.

According to the commander of a battalion of a name of General Kulchytsky Viktor Tolochko, on the Maidan are not patriots, but traitors.

The veterans stressed that members of the CPF are on the Maidan from private initiative and not on behalf of the military.

«They are as a private initiative. Organized groups from the volunteer battalions there. If there are veterans of the ATO, they act as individuals and have to remove the chevrons battalions,» said Marin.

The veterans unanimously stated that they did not intend to take part in such actions on the Maidan.

Video of the briefing can be seen here.

As reported, on February 21, representatives of the so-called «Revolutionary right-wing forces» (CPF) announced the creation of the Patriotic movement from among the participants of the Dignity Revolution and the ATO to implement the ideals of the Maidan peacefully. Yesterday, representatives of CPF held a meeting in the premises of hotel «Kozatskiy» and began to set up tents on the Maidan.

CPF has called for the resignation of the government, the Secretary of the NSDC, the chief of the General staff of the armed forces, the establishment of commissions of inquiry to investigate the actions of Cabinet members, office of the President, the Verkhovna Rada. CPF also insists on banning the participation in power of all who held positions in the past 10 years. In addition, the CPF supported the introduction of martial law in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Activists staged a headquarters in the Assembly hall of hotel «Kozatskiy», but after negotiations with representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of defense of Ukraine and the National police of Ukraine, they left the building.

Earlier today it was reported that the police found the conflict between the protesters on the Maidan and arrested active participants of disorders. According to police, on February 22, Saturday, at the independence square in the capital there was a collision. The most active participants delivered in Shevchenkovsky district management of militia.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko believes that the events in Kiev on the second anniversary of the killings of activists by security forces at the independence square failed provocation organized by Russia. «But this provocation have failed. Despite all the objective difficulties, the Ukrainians were responsible,» gave the President his assessment of these events in the center of Kiev.

We will remind, in June 2015, several dozen people set up tents on the Maidan, declaring «the third Maidan». Then the demonstrators demanded that President Poroshenko’s public report on its work for the year. At the same time about the report on June 4 the President of the Supreme Council and the press conference Poroshenko June 5, attendees heard. The event called «third Maidan» people are then ignored, and the police and Maidan self-Defense this action eliminated. Later the then head of the SBU Valentyn Nalyvaychenko said that the militiamen expelled outside Ukraine the organizer of the so-called «third Maidan» (it was about Rustam Tashbaev) and found that the action was held with the support of the militants «DNR» and «LNR».

Veteran ATO: thank God, RIR «a third Maidan» didn’t work out, the people were wiser

The so-called «third Maidan» will not change the situation in the country because of its unsystematic character. It is necessary to achieve and implement the changes are not revolutionary, legal — through new Patriotic public organizations and political forces.

This was stated by social activist, volunteer and member of ATO volunteer battalions.Kulchytskyy — Myroslav Gai, transfers «UKRINFORM».

«The idea of the «third Maidan» is meaningless. And I also dissatisfied with what is happening in the country, the level of implementation of reforms, the presence of officials of times Yanukovych, the return to the «regionals» and other things… But the new «Maidan» won’t change anything because he has no consistency. Must be new person, organization, political party, which will include representatives of the progressive, Patriotic and Pro-European forces, which will have the purpose not naivitee, stole from the budget, and carry out real reform, to build for themselves and their children a better country,» said guy.

He is convinced that now we need to try to change a legitimate political means.

Commenting on the events on Maidan Nezalezhnosti on the second anniversary of the memory of the Heavenly hundred heroes, a veteran of the ATO noted that not personally familiar with the organizers of the so-called «Revolutionary right-wing forces».

«Although «the Society of veterans of anti-terrorist operation», which I am a member, was also invited to participate in these meetings on the Maidan, tents and so on. And I know a lot of people who came there from veterans ‘ groups, chaplaincy services, and there is a lot of good people who are outraged by what is happening in the country. They came for a kind of justice-seeking in the form in which they understand it,» said guy.

At the same time, he says, organizers tried to use the disaffection of the people, pointing to the riots: «the People who organized it, I believe, have no sense of responsibility to ourselves, to other people and sister veterans. Inviting good people to this action, which had actually been organized for the sake of provocation and creating a bad image for foreign media, they hoped that people will join, Kiev (and in these days of mourning had a lot of people on the Maidan), and will lead to some massive provocations and mass protests against the current government».

In addition, the guy pointed to the sharp intensification of these forces in the commemoration of the Heavenly hundred heroes.

«I do not understand why two years, these people are not shown relative to the office of Akhmetov and Russian banks, and suddenly it was a day of mourning, when the whole country is in mourning, and people came to remember, they led the crowd to smash these institutions. It definitely was a prepared provocation, which naively took a lot of good people. Those who were at this so-called «revolutionary Assembly», realized what was happening, and went from there,» said he.

According to an active participant of Euromaidan, many participants of the Revolution of Dignity have intentionally limited their stay on independence square on 20 February to not be subjected to provocations.

«For example, the third hundred of self-Defense was 18th in the number on the Maidan, then walked 20 and gathered in the headquarters to commemorate the guys. Our veterans ‘ organization also made a little procession through the places where the dead guys. And so did many others. I know that some representatives of the «Right sector», arrived in Kiev, there gathered on the Trukhaniv island. Yet it is a day of mourning, but not a reason for any systemic action. It was really a blow to the memory of the guys there killed,» he says.

At the same time, he expressed satisfaction that the people of Kiev were wiser and did not succumb to provocation: «In RPS, I see forces that are not happy with the fact that they are not in power, and who hope that a revolutionary way, they will be able to come to power. But, thank God, they did not work, Kiev have been wiser».

Veterans of the ATO do not support the «CPF» and encouraged to ignore calls to civil strife 22.02.2016

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