Venediktov: a Fake bomb to assailant in Surgut was a bright red to scare off the police

Attack on passers-by armed with a knife men in the Russian Surgut is reminiscent of the strategy of terrorists in Israel and has signs of attack. About this on air of «echo of Moscow» said the chief editor of the radio station Alexei Venediktov.

«23-year-old guy… running around with a knife for unknown people and it was a dummy explosive device. And I had to explain to my drinking buddies from the law enforcement agencies… the dummy that was in his zone… he was bright red. That is, it was done from their point of view – I’m just talking about the majors, which is talking about the forensic team, to frighten off the police so she not doing it», – he said.

Venediktov added that in favor of the attack is the fact that the assailant was chased with a knife by unknown people.

«Finally, this is far from what the domestics taking personal control of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin? If he chased their mothers-in-law or crazy – what is it? – there is local major will understand. Shot and everything. Then figure it out. And he took control,» – said the journalist.

He stressed that the terrorists definitely learn from each other and take each other’s example.

«These attacks with knives, I recall that they got very great development in Israel. It all started in Israel, when after the wall was not possible for terrorists to carry weapons. Well, knives are knives are. And then it was decided, as I understand it, the unspoken decision – to shoot to kill immediately. And so this less and less… And in democracies such as Finland, where yesterday too, with a knife – there is no such solution yet, and so the two died… with a knife», – said Venediktov.

He added that in the same way after the attack in nice, the terrorists began to use to attack people cars.

«This is nice was the first. Nice, then London, now almost everywhere,» summed up the journalist.

The morning of August 19 in Russian Surgut man stabbed seven passers-by have informed in Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation. All the victims were hospitalized with wounds of varying severity. Arrived at the scene, police killed the attacker. According to Sledkoma, is a local resident born in 1994. Law enforcement officers checking to see if he had any mental disabilities.

The ISIS militants have claimed responsibility for the attack. Four injured in the attack armed with a knife men in the Russian Surgut are in serious condition.

In a press-service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district reported «Interfax» that «version of that attack is a terrorist attack, not core».

Venediktov: a Fake bomb to assailant in Surgut was a bright red to scare off the police 21.08.2017

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