Vanessa Paradis arrived in the Dnieper river for the filming of the movie about the war in the Donbas

Actress and ex-wife of johnny Depp Vanessa Paradis called for the Dnieper in the framework of the strip of Lithuanian Director Sarunas Bartas of the«Rime».

Reports the local edition». Dnepr» with reference to the actor Boris Abramov.

«In Kiev, Vanessa was in December 2016. And now she flew into the Dnieper river for the filming of the movie «Frost». As a military photojournalist. The film is about the volunteers, the war in Ukraine, love,» said the artist.

Paradis attended the Dnieper over the weekend.

Visit actress kept in strict confidence and not disclose, and the crew and staff were forbidden to make any photos from the shooting or to tell about it.

Journalists also learned that Vanessa in Ukraine has asked the national dessert, so she offered to try the dumplings with cherries, and those she loved.

In the story a young Lithuanian guy Rokas drops an unexpected opportunity to visit Ukraine and see the occupation and the war. Together with the humanitarian convoy he was sent from Lithuania to the Ukraine, where fate brings him with two war journalists (one of them plays Vanessa Paradis). The reality is quite different than the imagined young man.

Shooting in the river are more than a month, the base actors located in Sinelnikovo in Dnipropetrovsk region. Many scenes filmed in Kiev, and directly in the ATO area in the Donetsk region.

The film also involved Lithuanian actors Leah Magnificate, mantas, Jancauskas and well-known Polish actor Andrzej Hira, known to the Ukrainian audience for the film of Andrzej Wajda«Katyn».

As has told on a press-conferences the Director of the film, to date, shooting in the river is nearly complete, however, it is possible, the crew will be back in the city.

Premiere is planned for may 2017.

«Rime» is removed with the support of the state Agency of Ukraine for the movie, Lithuanian cinema TV channel ARTE, the Polish film Institute. This is a joint project of Lithuania, France, Ukraine and Poland.

Interestingly, professional Ukrainian actors in the film, but many of those who play themselves — the military and frontline areas.

Note that the Dnipropetrovsk region has opened the internal exposure of the first in Ukraine Museum of the ATO. A large-scale exhibition occupies nearly 600 square meters. Favorite things, heroes, photographs, medals, uniforms, weapons and a media room that creates a «presence effect».

Vanessa Paradis arrived in the Dnieper river for the filming of the movie about the war in the Donbas 29.01.2017

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