Vakarchuk believes that a quality education will help the Ukrainians to overcome the crisis

To exit from the crisis, fighting corruption and building a truly constitutional state, the Ukrainians should change their Outlook and overcome the distrust.

This will be possible only when they start to get a good education and learn how to live a developed world, said, speaking at the Atlantic Council in Washington, a community leader and soloist of the group «Okean Elzy» Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, the correspondent Ukrinforma.

«We often talk about external enemies (Ukraine — ed), but, in my opinion, the biggest enemy lies within, and it is called disbelief. Ukrainians do not trust the government, don’t trust other people and, most importantly, Ukrainians do not trust themselves. This has led us to where we are now,» he said.

Distrust creates uncertainty, which in turn creates the lack of the rule of law and leads to corruption. Vakarchuk expressed confidence that this distrust has roots in upbringing, lack of positive examples, «but mainly the biggest problem is lack of education».

So, in his words, «ignorant people really easily influenced, they’re easy to manage, they don’t want change, they do not doubt and do not go into opposition». So you need education, «which will require changes in the mindset and Outlook on life the most Ukrainian».

Vakarchuk stressed that the solution to the problem is a matter of years, this should be a promising strategy. For this purpose, according to the community leader, does not necessarily need a Harvard, Yale or Stanford, you need to give students the opportunity to study in conventional universities, but to «give them a new worldview and knowledge of the rules by which the world lives».

Now Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is trained by world scholarship program at Yale University Yale World Fellow 2015 Annually under this program, the University selects a group of talented professionals from different fields and countries for an intensive months-long training, so they can broaden their horizons and to develop as leaders.

Vakarchuk believes that a quality education will help the Ukrainians to overcome the crisis 10.11.2015

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