Vakarchuk at a lecture at Stanford University identified five main problems of Ukraine

Musician Svyatoslav Vakarchuk March 14, spoke at Stanford University with a lecture on the difficulties of reforming Ukraine. About it reported the edition SFlike.

The actor has formulated five issues that hinder the development of his homeland:

  • A corrupt electoral process, which is still controlled by the oligarchs.
  • The political and economic life on the ground often formally or informally controlled by the people, not elected by the people, but appointed from above, for example, the leadership of local police, secret services and so on.
  • The bureaucracy of the Soviet style spirit is still reminiscent of the Soviet Union, and simply ineffective.
  • State-owned enterprises, which informally still controlled by oligarchs.
  • The unwillingness of Ukraine to the rule of law at this stage, and the lack of an independent judiciary.
  • «Unfortunately, we don’t have enough brave people willing to tackle these problems,» – said Vakarchuk.

    The strengths of today’s Ukraine, the singer believes that developed civil society and high level of education – «perhaps the highest among poor countries.»

    «Among the achievements of the Ukrainian authorities can be called a significant strengthening of the army and the development of international relations», – he added.

    According to Vakarchuk, the universal success formula for all States does not exist, and each country achieves economic growth and democratization in a special way using their initial advantages and try to neutralize the weaknesses.

    «Estonia has inherited a terrible Soviet bureaucracy, however, the level of education of the population there was very high. In Korea, the situation is diametrically opposite: the population on the whole was poor and uneducated, however, the country inherited a pretty effective Japanese management system», – he explained.

    Vakarchuk is sure that Ukraine needs to focus not only on the European Union and the United States, but also to develop relations with China, Asia and Africa.

    Vakarchuk said that was the «student and teacher» Stanford University in September 2017. A number of experts called the musician the potential candidate in presidents of Ukraine, although it never declared its intention to participate in elections.

    Vakarchuk at a lecture at Stanford University identified five main problems of Ukraine 17.03.2018

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