Vadim Denisenko: the failure of the law «masks-show stop» it is necessary to introduce criminal liability

MP from the Bloc Poroshenko, the representative of the government in the Verkhovna Rada Vadim Denisenko considers it necessary to introduce criminal liability for the failure of the law about the mandatory video recording of searches (the so-called law «masks-show stop»). He stated that on 28 March at a press conference in Kiev, writes

«Why doesn’t the law of «mask-show stop»? This progressive law, which we waited for the decision of a number of global challenges faced daily by business but, unfortunately, in many aspects the situation is far from being able to assume that she at least has begun to improve,» – said Denisenko.

In this connection he referred to the search carried out last week in one of the banks.

«Last Friday in one of the banks, which is currently under the management of the Deposit guarantee Fund, were searched with the masks that fall directly under the «mask show stop»: with the breaking of doors, damage to many technical issues. Moreover, the representative of the Fund of guaranteeing deposits was on the street, asked to let him in the room, was ready to open the door of this room, was willing to solve the issue even without hacking the door. But the person is not admitted. Under the new Criminal procedure code, any person who is in the room, maybe to ask for a lawyer. There was a petition regarding having to involve lawyers, was only one lawyer at a large multi-storey premises. Admission of the lawyer was denied,» – said the MP.

In his opinion, this testifies to the fact that «virtually all law enforcement agencies, ranging from the old regime, such as the SBU and the interior Ministry, and ending with the new progressive – NABOO – breaking the law «masks-show stop».

«All wanted to spit on the law. Why do they violate it? Because actually all these progressive regulations do not carry punitive actions,» – said Denisenko.

In this regard, he proposed to amend the legislation.

«It is necessary to introduce disciplinary, and perhaps criminal liability of law enforcers for the failure of the law «masks-show stop». That is, if you are allowed a lawyer, you should make it at least a disciplinary (and I believe criminal) responsibility. The second, equally important point – we talked about this when we adopted this law, – it is necessary finally to put an end to the merry-go-rounds, when the same type of case can be opened by one body, then closed, then opened another on. We have 12 anti-corruption bodies. And must pass all the 12 circles of hell. And all wanted to spit on the implementation of the law «masks-show stop,» protested Denisenko.

He predicts that the attempt to amend the legislation would cause «tremendous resistance» from the power structures, but it «will enable the business to breathe.»

«We understand that there will be huge resistance of the power system, but without solving this issue we will not be able to build a business and not be able to stop migration,» summed up the MP.

Legislation mandating audio and video recording of the search (the law of «mask-show stop») entered into force on 7 December 2017.

Vadim Denisenko: the failure of the law «masks-show stop» it is necessary to introduce criminal liability 28.03.2018

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