USA in the last hours of the Obama presidency was transferred to the Palestinian authority 221 million dollars.

The administration of Barack Obama, literally in the last hours before his departure from the presidency granted the Palestinian authority 221 million dollars, reports the Associated Press. It is assumed that these funds should go to humanitarian aid and support for reforms, writes

Against the allocation of funds to the Palestinians for a long time were members of the Republican party of the United States Congress. As it became known AR, the Obama administration formally notified of the intention to make a money transfer on the morning of 20 January, just hours before the inauguration of the new head of state Donald trump.

According to sources the Agency, former U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry was informed about the transfer of funds shortly before left the building of the state Department on Thursday evening, January 19.

In addition to the funds that are transferred to the Palestinian authority, the Obama administration has allocated $ 6 million for expenses in the field of foreign policy, including $ 4 million for programs in the field of climate change, reports TASS. In addition, 1.25 million dollars directed to the needs of the organizations under the auspices of the UN, another 1.05 million dollars will go to Finance the activities of the special representative of the state Department in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the Bureau for South and Central Asia.

The climate programme in question, supports the production of clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The funds allocated for the UN, designed for the peacebuilding Fund of the organization and the inter-American Commission on human rights.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration can displease the new President, who promised to mend damaged US relations with Israel. Shortly before the inauguration of Donald trump announced the intention to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. On the eve of Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that trump invited him to visit Washington in February.

Earlier it was reported that the United States develop a framework agreement for Israel and Palestine. According to published information, the proposal will be presented during the international conference to be held in January 2017 in Paris.

USA in the last hours of the Obama presidency was transferred to the Palestinian authority 221 million dollars. 24.01.2017

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