US senators are preparing a bill on new sanctions against Russia

A group of senators from both us parties is preparing a bill on additional sanctions on the line of the Congress against Russia in connection with its hacker attacks on U.S. institutions with operations in Ukraine and Syria. This writes the «Voice of America».

US intelligence: Russia gave WikiLeaks data stolen through a third party

Legislators confirmed this information, when the Senate convened for a new session of Congress.

Senator Ben Cardin, a leading Democrat in the foreign relations Committee, told reporters on Capitol hill on Tuesday that he is working on a bill along with «large group» of senators, which includes Democrats and Republicans.

He expressed hope that the bill will be promulgated this week.

«This is a comprehensive bill that will include congressional authorization for the imposition of additional sanctions against Russia,» said Cardin.

Cardin said that the bill will be partially focused on Russia’s actions in Eastern Europe, including the annexation of Ukrainian Crimea and its role in the middle East, where Moscow supports the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Cardin did not specify, would that make bill the newly elected President of Donald trump to make a decision on sanctions or he will strengthen those sanctions which were announced by the White house last week that trump will be able to cancel after taking office.

«It will complement the actions of the White house and will go further, — said Senator Cardin. — It is a Supplement, but there is a principle of separation of powers».

US intelligence: Russia gave WikiLeaks data stolen through a third party

American intelligence agencies received strong evidence that Russia handed over to WikiLeaks stolen by hackers materials of the National Committee of the Democratic party through a third party. This is with reference to the three American officials, writes Reuters.

Months earlier, American officials concluded that the attacks are Russian special services, but had no confidence that I will be able to prove that Russia is also controlled disclosure damaging to the candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clintoninformation.

The U.S. intelligence report should be submitted to the prezedent of the United States Barack Obama on Thursday and President-elect, Donald Trump the next day, however, officials said, the content is still under discussion.

The officials declined to give details of the participation of third parties in the transfer of stolen by hackers of WikiLeaks cables, saying they did not want to disclose how the US government got this information.

In an interview with Fox News, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said that he had received the stolen letter Hillary Clinton and her assistant John Podestà from any state. But he did not rule out the possibility that he received the materials from a third party.

As you know, the CIA in a secret report concluded that Russia intervened in the presidential election, to help defeat Donald Trump.

In this regard, on 29 December, the United States imposed new sanctions against Moscow. The state Department declared persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats, including employees of the Russian GRU.

In the section «companies and agencies» the list of sanctions also appear on the FSB and the GRU of the General staff of the Russian Federation as separate entities restrictive measures.

After that, trump said that in the next day or two will meet with representatives of the American intelligence community. Later it became known that the meeting to discuss the situation regarding cyberattacks postponed to Friday.

On his Twitter page he called «very strange» that the briefing was postponed. The politician suggested that the intelligence agencies need more time to collect evidence.

Previously, trump has repeatedly expressed doubt that Russia intervened in the presidential election to help him win.

US senators are preparing a bill on new sanctions against Russia 05.01.2017

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