US Marines in Norway, warned about the approaching «great war»

The Corps commander U.S. marine corps General Robert Neller has warned his subordinates about the approaching war and urged them to prepare for this. The corresponding statement he made during a visit to base US Marines under the Norwegian Trondheim, writes

U.S. marine corps is in Norway on a rotational basis at the invitation of the government.

Neller said that the Marines must be ready for war at any time and noted that he sees on the horizon the «big war.» He called a possible conflict zones in the future Russia and the Pacific.

«I hope I’m wrong, but war is coming… are You already involved in the battle, while here in the information battle, political,» – he stressed.

In February 2016, the US deployed tanks, artillery and other military equipment in a complex of caves in Central Norway. The deployment of American forces in Norway, which borders Russia, came amid rising tensions between Russia and the United States.

Equipped with a climate control of the Norwegian caves was used to store American military equipment in the 1980s to deter the Soviet Union.

After the end of the cold war, the United States questioned the appropriateness of the contents of the cave complex. The Norwegian government has agreed to assume the costs of the caves in the 1990s.

The cave complex is a modern and reliable facility, which employs about 100 employees from the United States and Norway, its capacity will be enough to support 15 thousand Marines.

US Marines in Norway, warned about the approaching «great war» 23.12.2017

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