US intelligence was confident that the Kremlin is interfering in the electoral processes of the States and Europe

The information stolen from the servers of the National Committee of the US Democratic party and subsequent publication of her during the presidential elections in the United States was authorized senior Russian leaders.

This was confirmed during hearings of the Senate Committee on armed forces Thursday, the Director of the Office of national intelligence James Clapper, according to UKRINFORM.

The head of the CIA said about Russian intervention in elections in Europe

«According to our estimates, only the highest Russian leadership could authorize the recent kidnapping and disclosure aimed at elections in the United States, given the size and vulnerability of those for whom it was intended», — said the head of the American intelligence structure.

He also expressed confidence that Russia will conduct cyber operations against the United States in the future. According to him, it is expected that they will be focused on gathering intelligence, providing decision-making by the Russian leadership, conducting influence operations to support military and political objectives of Russia, as well as for the preparation of cyberspace for future purposes.

In addition, Clapper said that has usage data on Russia libertatii and tools to influence public opinion in Europe and Eurasia.

However, he noted that in addition to Russia, the United States is vulnerable to cyberspace from China, Iran, North Korea, as well as criminal and terrorist organizations whose objective is state, commercial, political institutions and private citizens of the United States.

In the summer of 2016 was revealed that hackers stole from the national Committee of the Democratic party e-mail and passed it to WikiLeaks, which then published these materials. From documents followed that the Committee had supported presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to damage her opponent, the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders.

U.S. intelligence has linked the cyber attack to Russia, and in early October, Washington officially accused Russia of hacking.

The head of the CIA said about Russian intervention in elections in Europe

CIA Director John Brennan said that Russia in recent years has repeatedly tried to influence the outcome of elections in various European countries. This statement was made in the second part of an interview of Brennan PBS. In the first part of the interview he said that Russia used in Syria «scorched earth».

According to Brennan, the intervention of Russia in the U.S. presidential election is not a new phenomenon. The head of the CIA said that the Russian authorities are using the corrupt politicians intend to Finance political parties and groups that support their views, to manipulate political processes. In particular, Brennan said that in a short time elections will be held in France, Germany and several other European countries and the United States cannot ignore the possible intervention of Russia in them is subject to their own experience.

«I have to tell you that my European colleagues Express concern about the fact that Russian can have the sleeve to achieve its goals in this election,» said Brennan.

At the same time, the head of the CIA expressed the hope that in the next few years the relations between Moscow and Washington improve, because they are extremely important for maintaining stability in the world.

Recall that in the first part of an interview of Brennan, which was published yesterday, the head of the CIA said intelligence agencies have hard evidence of Russian interference in presidential elections and also said that the secret report of US intelligence about alleged hacking attacks on American political institutions will be devoted exclusively to Russia.

As reports ABC News, the report will be presented to the incumbent US President Barack Obama on the evening of 5 January and 6 January will be familiar with him, and to elect the country’s President Donald trump, who has repeatedly expressed doubts about the Russian involvement in hacking attacks during the presidential election. According to Reuters, January 5, representatives of special services will also act in Congress.

Last week, US intelligence agencies have published an open version of the report about the hacker attacks from Russia during the election campaign. The document deals with the two attacks, in which hackers managed to obtain access to the archives of some e-mail correspondence of key employees one of the political parties of the USA — apparently means the Democratic party.

Meanwhile, Romanian hacker Marcel Lazar, known under the name Guccifer, who previously published the correspondence of the former Secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton questioned the accusations by Washington of Moscow in cyberattacks. About this hacker, who is serving a sentence in a Romanian prison, said in an interview with Fox News channel.

«The Americans are going nuts about Russia and what the Russians invade the United States. It’s crazy. This hysteria,» — said the hacker. It should be noted that Lazar spoke with journalists at the end of December, before the publication of the first reports of U.S. intelligence about Russia’s intervention in the election campaign.

As recalled by Fox News, Lazar was sentenced to imprisonment in the United States and Romania. He will serve his sentence in a Romanian prison until 2019 and then it will be transported to the US where he will have to spend in prison for four years and four months.

US intelligence was confident that the Kremlin is interfering in the electoral processes of the States and Europe 06.01.2017

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