US intelligence reported a conversation with Kislyak and Roman sessions on election campaign trump – The Washington Post

According to US intelligence, the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergey Kislyak informed his superiors in Moscow that discussed associated with the campaign of the presidential candidate Donald trump’s issues with his Advisor Jeff Sissom, who after winning trump became the attorney General. This was reported by the newspaper The Washington Post, citing its own sources.

It is noted that according to Kislyak, he discussed with Sessom political issues important to the Kremlin and the intelligence contradicts the public statements of the attorney General that he never discussed with Russian representatives the election campaign.

The newspaper, citing current and former US officials said that record two conversations with Sessom was intercepted by American intelligence, which was monitoring the communications of high-ranking Russian diplomat in the USA and Moscow.

Source Washington Post said that Kislyak and sessions discussed issues relating to relationships trump to Russia, which suggests that the attorney General has provided the public with «misleading» information.

The publication noted that the mismatch of words and Roman sessions circumstances can create more problems and weaken its position in the us administration.

Speaking with the Washington Post, us officials stressed that the collected intelligence of dubious statements that contradict the words and Roman sessions may not be true, because the Russian Ambassador was probably a mistake to describe the situation or to exaggerate their influence in the report of the Kremlin.

They explained that foreign diplomats in Washington and other countries from time to time misleading false or deceptive information to increase its value to guide or confuse U.S. spy agencies.

On July 19 in an interview with The New York Times, trump said that he regretted his decision to appoint and Roman sessions for attorney General.

Congressional Democrats demanded the resignation and Roman sessions in connection with his meetings with Russian Ambassador to US Kislyak during the election campaign. Sessions was then a Senator and a member of the team of the presidential candidate Donald trump. With the approval of the office of the current attorney General stated that there were no such meetings.

According to The Washington Post, sessions met twice with Kislyak during the election campaign trump – in July and September 2016.

June 1, CNN, citing its sources reported that the U.S. Congress is investigating another possible meeting of the US attorney General with the Russian Ambassador on April 27, 2016 at the hotel Mayflower in Washington.

The speaker of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, in March 2017, said that the meeting Kislyak and Roman sessions and did not concern the electoral process.

US intelligence reported a conversation with Kislyak and Roman sessions on election campaign trump – The Washington Post 22.07.2017

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