US intelligence has denied any involvement in leaks of dirt on trump

The head of US National intelligence James Clapper said that he had discussed the evening of Wednesday, January 11, elected President of the United States Donald trump reports in the press about the document, which contains information on alleged Russia compromising on the future head of state, reports Reuters.

As stated in a statement released by Clapper, in an interview with trump, he stressed that this document has nothing to do with American intelligence.

According to the head of American intelligence, with the elected President they were talking about held last Friday closed briefings that were devoted to cyber-attacks committed during the election campaign and attributed to Russia. «We also discussed the document private security companies that in recent months, are widely dispersed in the media, among members of Congress, staff of his office, even before the intelligence community have learned of the event. I stressed that this document was prepared by U.S. intelligence, and I do not think that the leak came from intelligence,» said Clapper.

According to The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, under private security organization intelligence understands the Orbis Business Intelligence company founded by a former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

Now 52-year-old Steele is one of two Directors of the London company Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd.

The second Director, 58-year-old Christopher burrows, said that would not «confirm or deny» the assertion that the report on the trump has made his firm.

The comment about it not gave himself Steele. Wall Street Journal writes that the assistant Steele to repeated requests for comment stated that this issue was «too hot».

According to the profile of burrows on LinkedIn, he was an adviser in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain, he had a business trip to Brussels and new Delhi in 2000-ies. The British foreign Ministry declined to comment. In Steele profile on LinkedIn details about his career there.

According to the newspaper, intelligence officials often use diplomatic missions as cover for his espionage activities.

Orbis Business Intelligence was founded in 2009 by former specialists of the British intelligence, said on the company website. Corporate reports indicate that Orbis is owned by another company, which, in turn, is jointly owned by Steele and burrows.

According to the newspaper, the dossier on trump consists of a series of unsigned notes, which is thought to have been composed in the period June to December 2016. In addition to creating this dossier, Steele also developed a plan to obtain information for law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Europe, including the FBI.

The head of the N. I. USA noted that us intelligence agencies can not confirm the authenticity of these documents and do not make any conclusions on their basis. According to Clapper, in an interview with trump, he expressed «deep concern» in connection with publications, and they both agreed that these leaks harmed US national security.

However, said Clapper «part of our commitments is to provide policymakers the most complete picture for any questions regarding our national security.»

On the eve of the American TV channel CNN, citing people with access to classified information, reported the possible presence of dirt on trump, the Russian security services. It was noted that this was the American side has learned from a former employee of the British intelligence Mi6 received information from Russian sources.

Trump at a press conference on Wednesday said that there is no dirt on him from Russia, and sharply criticized the media that publish unverified data.

US intelligence has denied any involvement in leaks of dirt on trump 12.01.2017

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