Until August Putin will absorb the Georgian South Ossetia by the «Crimean» scenario

A «referendum» on the accession of the occupied South Ossetia to the Russian Federation will be held until August 2016. Such a statement on 11 April, made the so-called «South Ossetian President», the former head of the local KGB Leonid Tibilov, reported by the «Caucasian knot» .

«We have already discussed the terms. What specific date is yet to name it is impossible — but it will happen in the near future, planned up until August,» — said Tibilov.

As noted by the «South Ossetian President», he’s one hundred percent convinced that «the people» will say «Yes», then the authorities of the unrecognized Republic may apply to the Supreme leadership of Russia.

At that Tibilov stressed that the referendum may displease Georgia, but by this time the official comments from Tbilisi and Moscow was not.

The decision of the fake «referendum» was adopted October 19, 2015 during a meeting with Tibilov responsible for «communication with compatriots» Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov.

As explained when Tibilov, the referendum allegedly «is necessary from a legal point» of view due to conflicting results «of Republican referendums» held in 1992 («reunification with Russia») and 2006 («independent state»). Thus Tibilov was actually proposed to hold a third referendum on the «status» of South Ossetia, nothing mentioning that it is the sovereign territory of an independent Georgian state.

After the Russian-Georgian war in August 2008 (the»08.08.08″), Putin’s Russia has strengthened its presence in South Ossetia.

Except the Russian Federation «the state independence of South Ossetia recognized the» Communist rogue States Venezuela, Nicaragua and tiny island country of Nauru. Even the permanent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, despite repeated promises, in the end refused from such a step.

It is worth Recalling that it was under the pretext of an illegal «referendum» in March 2014 Russia annexed the Ukrainian Crimea.

Tibilov called «Ossetian Kadyrov«.

In 2014, the militants Tibilov took an active part in the fighting against the Ukrainian army in the Donbas. Now there remain only those who went to serve as «contract» or decided not to return for personal reasons.

Until August Putin will absorb the Georgian South Ossetia by the «Crimean» scenario 11.04.2016

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