Unmanned vehicle Faraday Future disgraced the presentation

Faraday Future January 4, presented in Las Vegas its new product — the electric car-SUV FF91 unmanned functions. However, right during the presentation of «the car of the future» suddenly fall over, according to NEWSru.com with reference to The Verge.

On stage showrooms in Las Vegas on FF91 left Jia Wtin — owner of the conglomerate LeRee and owner of the American-Chinese startup Faraday Future. When Chinese millionaire got out of the car, senior Vice President, development Faraday Future Nick Sampson asked him to use the function of automatic Parking.

Utin pressed a button on the car door, but nothing happened. There was an awkward pause.

A few seconds later, Sampson was found: «she Seems a little lazy.» In this case, already after the speech, Jia Utena Sampson tried again to activate unmanned vehicle functions, for this auditorium, doused the headlights, but FF91 never succumbed, marks TJ.

After the presentation, Sampson explained that the problem was in the roof of the exhibition hall, the complex structure which absorbs the signal required to operate unmanned machine functions.

Meanwhile FF91 is positioned as the first car that Faraday Future is going to start production.

Future Faraday introduced its first car in January 2016 at CES in Las Vegas.

Unmanned vehicle Faraday Future disgraced the presentation 06.01.2017

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