Unknown burned the Museum kryivka UPA near Lviv

In the night of 1 January 2 in the village Basivka Pustomyty district, Lviv region burned down the Museum «underground press Kryivka UPA». It is reported Zaxid.net.

The cache was burnt down. Probable cause of the fire is arson.

Museum Director Ivan Popovich is confident that a fire could not occur under the ground.

«In my opinion, top through vents, which we have six, poured some kind of accelerant and set on fire. Think not by accident the incident occurred in the night of 1 to 2 January, when the nationalists celebrate the 108th anniversary of the birth of the head of the OUN, the Hero of Ukraine of Stepan Bandera», — he said.

Museum secret of the UPA, which is located in the forest, it was opened on the spot where on 16 August 1955 took place the battle between the rebels and a detachment of the NKVD. The cache was an underground printing house of the UPA.

Asylum found in the 1970-ies of the foresters, however, it was dismantled. Later in 2014, this place turned into Museum.

Note that in 2012 a monument to the fallen soldiers of the UPA in the village Basivka already destroyed.

Unknown burned the Museum kryivka UPA near Lviv 03.01.2017

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