Universities have to compete for government contracts

The state order will be distributed between universities on a competitive basis.

This was during a speech at the forum «European education initiative» on Tuesday, February 23, said the head of the Department of higher education Ministry of education and science Oleg Sharov, reports UKRINFORM.

«We are implementing in full the article of the law of Ukraine «On higher education», which actually provides for a competitive option of placing the state order. That is, for each specialty will form a certain amount of public order on a national scale. In the future, these places of the state order will be distributed between Universities. These places will go to those schools where you will write statements and give them the highest priority to the best applicants with the highest score of the external independent assessment,» said Balls.

He reported that in some specialties today the state order exceeds number of entrants under the contract. In particular IT specialties.

«The volume of state order (IT profession — ed.) two years in a row was 9.5 thousand, contract amount of students decreased from 4,5 thousand to 3,5 thousand It is a direct symptom of the saturation of the volume of the state order in this sphere», — said Balls.

He noted that the issue of training specialists in universities at public expense major role played by the demographic factor — every year in Ukraine reduced the number of graduates of schools and those who enter the UNIVERSITY.

«8 years ago students in Ukraine was 2 million 800 thousand. Currently, about 1 million 600 thousand. The number of universities, faculties and departments, which were in 2008, they are not enough. And, unfortunately, a few years students will be less,» said Balls.

According to him, only in 2024, the number of high school graduates will equal the figures of 2012, and further will not increase. Therefore, universities must now take care to interest prospective students in particular to develop new curricula, improve the skills of teachers.

«Well prepare the majority of students can only in larger universities, where there is competition between students at a sufficient level, a large number of teachers, where there is an opportunity for the teachers to engage in scientific activities. Higher education will rise when it becomes competitive. Nothing but the development of competitiveness, our education we can provide,» said Balls.

Recall that from 2015 the Ministry of education and science for admission to Universities on the budget introduced the principle of priority: an applicant may submit 15 applications to Universities and should determine the priority of each. In accordance with the number of points EIT and priorities, there is an automatic distribution of applications to applicants and determined the best possible option for the applicant admission on a budgetary place.

Universities have to compete for government contracts 24.02.2016

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