United States suspect Russia of hacking attacks on American nuclear power plants – Bloomberg

The United States believes that Russia was involved in the incident hacking attacks against the computer systems of more than a dozen U.S. power plants. On it informs Agency Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources.

According to their data, hackers working for a foreign government was likely to be able to pursue the purpose of disabling the energy supply of the United States. According to the Agency, the U.S. authorities believe that «the main suspect is Russia.»

The publication writes that one of the plants that were subjected to cyber attacks, was Wolf Creek nuclear plant in Kansas. Her representatives said that the hacking penetration did not affect the operation of the station.

Before that Reuters has got the warning to energy companies from the Department of homeland security and the FBI about the threat of cyber attacks.

23 Dec 2015 Ukrainian company «Prykarpattyaoblenergo» reported the power outage in Ivano-Frankivsk and parts of the Carpathian region. The cause of the accident has been called the interference of third parties in the operation of telematics – automatic system control and energy management equipment. In addition, the company reported technical failures in your call center. The problem has been eliminated on the same day.

The security service of Ukraine on 28 Dec accused Russian secret services in the attack on the computer networks of energy complex of Ukraine.

Experts of the three companies in the field of cyber security, ESET, Trend Micro and iSight Partners said the hackers used software known as BlackEnergy to get to the computer networks of the Ukrainian energy companies and place them in KillDisk malware that can destroy or modify computer data.

Experts of the American company Dragos said that after minor modifications of the special program can be successfully applied against the power supply systems of the United States.

United States suspect Russia of hacking attacks on American nuclear power plants – Bloomberg 07.07.2017

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