«United Russia» has removed a clip where girl asks Santa Claus to make Putin President

The party «United Russia» has removed a clip where girl asks Santa Claus to make Vladimir Putin the next President of Russia. About this RBC reported in the press service of the party.

«Despite the fact that in the video there are no violations, and we were not obliged to do this, we deleted it in the interests of purity of election campaign», – reads the statement of the press service at the disposal of edition.

It specified that removed the roller on the advice of the CEC, «because he admitted his wrong interpretation and public speculation on this soil».

The party noted that the movie is «purely informational» in nature and it describes the results of «United Russia».

In a statement the press service said that the decision to remove the video was made before the release of information that the lawyers of the journalist Ksenia Sobchak complained about it.

The party «United Russia» on 28 December published a Christmas video in which the girl says Santa Claus how good she was to live in 2017 and that in her school built a gym, and in the village house of culture. She then said that all this was done after sending the «United Russia» letters. In parallel, the room is a TV, in which President Vladimir Putin says he is running for President. The question of Santa Claus what she wants for the next year, she asks to make the head of state Putin, who will help Santa Claus to fulfill desires.

At the headquarters Sobchak asked the Prosecutor to check the video of «United Russia» for the possible participation of minors in the filming of the campaign material.

Presidential elections in Russia will be held on 18 March 2018.

Putin announced his intention to run on December 6. The party «United Russia» welcomed his decision to go on elections as the independent candidate.

On 26 December the initiative group officially nominated Putin a candidate for President of Russia in the elections on 18 March 2018. According to the Russian legislation, for the-nomination the candidate needs the signatures of at least 500 citizens with voting rights. Putin himself at a meeting with the support group did not come, preferring the Christmas tree in the Kremlin.

«United Russia» has removed a clip where girl asks Santa Claus to make Putin President 30.12.2017

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