UNESCO has included 5 sites in the world heritage list

In 2015, the list of places protected by UNESCO, have been made new historically valuable locations. Now near the pyramids of Giza and the Sydney Opera house for future generations will be saved five new cultural values, reports «Gromadske».

The list includes 5 historically important places.

Turkish Efes, which was a key port city during the Roman Empire. This place played a significant role in the origin of Christianity. Ephesus boasts striking examples of religious architecture of the Seljuk period.

Also the list included: rock art in the province of Hail, Saudi Arabia. The walls of these cliffs painted numerous images of human and animal figures, covering 10 thousand years history.

UNESCO has included in the list of Botanical Gardens in Singapore, which occupies 74 hectares and includes the national Orchid garden. Today the Botanical garden and works as a scientific institution of world class.

Included in the list of one of the oldest cities in the world — Susa (Iran) and the center of cultural traditions, most of which have disappeared. The city was the winter residence of the great Persian kings.

The list bridge Fort bridge (great Britain and Northern Ireland), built in 1890. This red bridge is one of the longest (2529 m) multi-span cantilever bridge in the world. Design, construction and advanced engineering and construction methods make this architectural structure a truly unique and valuable.

Earlier it was reported that the archaeological Park Chersonesos, located in the occupied Crimea, can be included in the «black list» of UNESCO.

UNESCO has included 5 sites in the world heritage list 04.01.2016

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