Under the Marinka terrorists have left their wounded on the battlefield of the media

During today’s militants ‘ attacks in the district of Marinka (Donetsk region) were killed seven terrorists, one soldier of the Ukrainian armed forces was injured.

On Friday 19 February, writes 0629.com.ua with reference to the message of military personnel and volunteers in social networks.

According to the fighter, the militants have used «Grad» and tanks. About 6 hours was a fierce battle, which ended in defeat for the militants. Exactly seven militants were killed and another wounded howl is heard.

«The fight is over, the Grads were! Exactly 7 killed (militants), pick up the wounded, heard the howl, the militants have left their brethren to die among the fields! Beasts!», — wrote one of the fighters ATO.

«It’s not «normal» to the fight! Pray, friends! Who as you can! Our Guys Are Heroes! It is Very Important your support!» — wrote in Facebook soldier Boris Peleh.

The information was confirmed and the volunteer Lily: «In Marinka battle. Again. Or again. Thunders».

Lily also said that among the Ukrainian fighters and no fatalities. One slight wound.

«Not in Maryinka at the moment 200! No!! 300-e is, one easy. Just spoke with doctors!», — she wrote.

As reported, during the last day recorded 55 cases of violation of the ceasefire. In the press center of the ATO headquarters said that 22 times the opponent conducted aim fire from mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and small arms on the strong points of ATO forces in Maryinka. At the checkpoint «Marinka» worked as a sniper and anti-aircraft gun of the enemy.

Data on redeployment of fighters near Maryinka the headquarters of the ATO transmits the OSCE.

Yesterday in the headquarters of the ATO reported that the purpose of the seizure of Marinka Russian-terrorist forces accumulate equipment and staff. Eyewitnesses say about the arrival of a large number of vehicles, prohibited the Minsk agreements, and fighters. In particular, seen a few MLRS «Grad» and more than 10 tanks. The terrorists do not hide that plan during the day to capture Marinka.

As stated in the social project «go live», the leadership decided to prepare for a possible further escalation. In the morning a group of civil-military cooperation, develops a plan for emergency evacuation of people, particularly children and the elderly.

Under the Marinka terrorists have left their wounded on the battlefield of the media 20.02.2016

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