Under the guise of coal from South Africa Ukraine buys from people Medvedchuk anthracite from the occupied Donbas — media

Under the guise of coal from South Africa, people close to Viktor Medvedchuk, sell anthracite coal from the occupied Donbass.

This is stated in the investigation «Ukrainian truth».

The investigation showed that instead of African Ukrainian thermal power plants, most likely, get our coal from the mines, located in uncontrolled territory.

«Moreover, for his supplies are people close to Viktor Medvedchuk, who participated in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine on the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass», — stated in the material.

According to the investigation, in November last year, contacted an employee of the Department of fuel zmiivska TPP, which is part of «Centrenergo», who wished not to give his name.

Protoview dosljak — postachannya vogella in PAT «Centrenergo».Currently, otrimali updated Perek 20 more…

Viktoriya Wojcik published on August 25, 2015

The man reported that the power plant started to get cars with coal without any supporting documentation.

It later emerged that a key member of the transaction was the company Arida Global Limited, registered in Hong Kong, which had previously been supplying coal to PJSC «Centrenergo».

But this time, by the Declaration of November 14, 2015, a copy of which is available «ck», 76 thousand tons of coal she bought in South Africa, brought to the Black sea, after which the bulk carrier went into the Ukrainian port, but in Russian.

From there by rail the goods have been delivered to the border with Ukraine to the border crossing «Nightingale-the poplars», where it was bought by the Ukrinterenergo SE. Then the company resold it «Centrenergo», which in turn delivered the coal to the power station, according to the investigation.

According to the documents, 76 thousand tons of coal transported from South Africa in one boat.

This boat is listed MV MBA MOONRAY is a bulk carrier primarily used for transporting grain. This vessel can carry a maximum of 57 thousand tons of cargo.

Also «UE» investigated exactly where the boat was in the last six months. In the report were not listed Russian ports. So, at the end of October, when the boat, according to the calculations, would have to move to Europe, she cruised off the coast of Ghana.

Also managed to «catch» the TPP is a question of the correspondent, whether there was delivered to Zmiivska TPP African coal, the station Manager Igor Babenko said, «No». Then immediately threw up».

Moreover, trader-market maker, who wished not to disclose his name, also confirmed the doubtfulness of the transaction.

«Russian Black sea ports do not accept the import, — said the interlocutor. — They will tell you what not rastamazhivayut coal, and unload directly into the sea on barges, but this stupidity is from the Donbass coal. It gets across Russia as African, so that you can fix the price in dollars, and even increase it due to the allegedly complex logistics.»

According to him, the standard scheme of «legalization» of the Donbass coal looks like the fuel delivered to the station Gukovo in Russia, and from there it goes to the transition of the Nightingale-the poplars in the Kharkiv region.

Surveyed traders in the coal market, attributed the company’s success with the persona of godfather of the Russian President Victor Medvedchuk.

In the editorial office was the contract with Arida Global Limited «Centrenergo» of 14 December 2014 on the purchase of Russian coal. In him as representative of Arida featured a Nikita Poses.

He is known as the owner of shares of open company «the Consul-Ukraine», which is engaged in the hotel business, which in turn leased land at the TB sanatorium named after Bobrov under construction villas of Victor Medvedchuk.

Also in 2012, the candidate Taras Kozak indicated the company «of the private cancelar» Nikita Pose their place of work.

Kozak has long worked in various positions in the State customs service, was the Vice-Chairman, headed the Western regional customs.

Now he is a MP from the Opposition bloc. In Parliament it is known as the closest ally of Viktor Medvedchuk.

One of the traders told me that Kozak also acts as a negotiator from Arida Global Ltd.

Recall that in 2014 the military conflict 88 of the coal mines were not controlled Ukraine of the territory of Donbass. Therefore, domestic thermal power plants for the first years of independence faced a shortage of coal, and the population came under threat of rolling blackouts. To prevent this, the government in the summer of 2014 decided to purchase coal in South Africa.

In August 2014 the state enterprise «vital-press» has signed an agreement with British Steel Mont Trading on the supply of 250 thousand tonnes of South African coal. Subsequently, the General Prosecutor’s office accused the leadership of state-owned companies that poor quality coal is bought at inflated (10-15 $ per tonne) prices and does not burn in the Ukrainian stations.

Buy coal the Africans or Russians — the only way to solve the problem of providing Ukrainian thermal power plants anthracite.

It is also possible to take out from the occupied territories of Donbass. The conditions for successful negotiations, this coal would cost Ukraine much cheaper than Russian or African.

However, the Ukrainian government initially stood on the position that to buy coal in the separatists is a bad idea, Ukrainian officials in the past year has made many statements about the inadmissibility of cooperation with separatists. However, before the beginning of the heating season in 2015-2016 the government has begun to recognize that without supplies from the occupied Donbass will not do.

The supply of anthracite with «DNR» and «LNR» is not a secret, this is recognized by the Minister of energy and coal industry Volodymyr demchyshyn. But it still remains unknown how the import of coal from the occupied territories and which companies are behind this.

Under the guise of coal from South Africa Ukraine buys from people Medvedchuk anthracite from the occupied Donbas — media 03.02.2016

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