Under the attack of terrorists in zaytsevo killed a local woman

From-for attack by Pro-Russian militants of the village zaytsevo near Gorlovka and killed a local woman.

About it today, 27 December, the press center of the Antiterrorist operation.

As recalled in the press center, yesterday, December 26th, in the evening controlled by the Russian authorities of the gangs targeted several times fired at positions of ATO forces, located in the area of zaytsevo. In this case, the militants themselves did not limit to the fire – hit from small arms, rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns, antiaircraft guns, mortars caliber 82 mm and arms of the tank, which in accordance with the terms of the Minsk agreements should be withdrawn to a considerable distance from the separation line.

During the bombardment some mines and shells hit the homes of local residents, one of the buildings caught fire. The Ukrainian soldiers quickly went out to help the local. In one of the houses they found an elderly woman, who received multiple shrapnel wounds as a result of contact mines.

Our fighters began to have her first medical emergency, under fire, tried to evacuate a local resident to the nearest treatment facility. However, the condition of the wounded was very heavy, and on the way to the hospital she died in a sanitary car.

«This sad case is yet another eloquent testimony to the fact that the invaders from the so-called self-proclaimed republics and their customers from Moscow do not cease to violate all possible agreements on the peaceful settlement of the conflict, and their statements about the safety and welfare of civilians of Donbass are just empty words,» — emphasizes the press center of the ATO.

Earlier today it was reported that for the last days of a band of Russian-terrorist forces 66 times opened fire on positions of ATO forces, most of them after dark.

Under the attack of terrorists in zaytsevo killed a local woman 27.12.2015

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